Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Xbox 360 vs Ps3

Samuel Clark March 12, 2010 ENGL112 Compare/ Contrast Essay Microsoft XBOX 360 versus Sony Playstation 3 The video game industry has place a long commission since Magnavox released the Odyssey in 1972. It has become an extremely lucrative business allowing for huge upgrades on new consoles. The current generation of consoles is dominated by Microsofts XBOX 360 and Sonys Playstation 3. In the last generation the Microsoft XBOX was considered by many critics as a better console than the Sony Playstation 2.This generation has brought about more competition among the systems, as there is more technology for each manufacturer to take good of. While there are similarities in the two, it is their differences in which the Playstation 3 takes gain of the XBOX 360s miscues. Real differences start to appear when you quarter into the consoles features. Sony has equipped the Playstation 3 with Blu-ray, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth capabilities standard on each console (Falcone). None of these comes with the XBOX 360 save Wi-Fi and HD videodisc attachments are available separately (Bakalar).In addition Playstation 3 is backward compatible, meaning that games from previous generations are playable on this system. The XBOX 360 plays older games whole if you purchase a hard drive unit. Finally The Xbox 360 charges a stipend for online play and usage whereas the Playstation 3 does not. Also both consoles have Netflix capabilities. separately of these consoles present examples of how far our technology has come. Microsoft offers far superior web support, however the features that come standard on the Playstation 3 are pricey attachments on the XBOX 360.On the other hand, the XBOX 360 is sold for $100 less than the Playstations 3. Because of the exclusive games and the features that come with it, the Playstation 3 has a bit of an advantage over the XBOX 360. Nevertheless, in a market that sustains itself on rapidly evolving technologies, it would not be wise to get comfortable a t the top for anyone. Works Cited Bakalar, Jeff, and John Falcone. MIcrosoft Xbox 360. Rev. of Xbox 360, by Jeff Bakalar. www. cnet. com. CNET, 11 Sept. 2009. Web. 19 Mar. 2009. http//reviews. cnet. com/? consoles/? microsoft-xbox-360-20gb/? 4505-10109_7-3135

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