Saturday, March 9, 2019

Basic Considerations

Halls evaluation criteria is being applied to contact knowledge of the theoretical adequacy regarding Becks Theory of Postpartum Depression. The research expression From Practice to Midrange Theory and Back Again chronicles this substantive midrange nursing surmise of Cheryl Attain Beck (Lassie & Ferguson, 2005). As referenced by the authors, the major(ip) concepts of Becks theory be clearly Identified as acquittance of simpleness, encountering terror, dying of self, struggling to survive, and indemnification control (Lassie & Ferguson, 2005).Beck first determined the core concept or canonical psychological Issue of postpartum mood disorder as loss of control (Beck, 1993). Women suffering from this disorder lack control over their emotions, supposition processes, and actions which Beck referred to as walking a fine line between saneness and Insanity (Beck, 1993). The remaining four concepts or stages emerged from the data analysis, of Becks grounded theory study, as the part icipants attempted to cope with the Issue concerning the core concept loss of control (Beck, 1993).In regards o the concept of dying of self, Beck illustrated a partial audit shack for the construct of this concept from the data (Lassie & Ferguson, 2005). Furthermore, Beck precisely explained the major concepts and supported them with reckon quotes from the participants of the study (Lassie & Ferguson, 2005). These major concepts are moderately abstract since the phenomena of postpartum imprint is measured indirectly rather than through observed evidence. For each major concept, three levels of coding were identified (Beck, 1993).The linear design of the diagram is structured so that the concepts serve as headings which explicate the progression and relationship toward the psychological process used to resolve the fundamental issue of postpartum impression (Beck, 1993). Internal analysis and evaluation.

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