Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Critical Analysis on a Tina Modotti Photograph Essay -- Papers

Critical Analysis on a Tina Modotti Photograph Tina Modotti was from a very poor workings class society. She was brought up in the northeast part of Italy, in Udine, Friuli. She was born at the tooshie end of the industrial revolution, in 1896. However, you could say, by all means, that her village hadnt changed the slightest since the seventh century. She lived vigorously through and throughout her childhood, working endless hours in a silk-textile manufacturing plant to earn a cash flow and to support the family through starvation. afterwards their father had aband wholenessd them when Tina was twelve and fled to America, the land of dreams, to repeat, Tina was the familys sole breadw youth hosteler, and played an immanent role in the escape from starvation and the gradual escape to San Francisco. Finally, in America she immediately found work, however it was a similar manikin of sweatshop labour she was used to in Italy, but the modern land and the cosmopolitan experience itself filled her with self believe and self esteem. The photograph represents a metaphoric symbol of a pair of working class puppeteer pass and one of them is controlling the some other. It is symbolizing the way the g everyplacenment controls the working class, as if the working class were puppets themselves. It is an extremely clever metaphor. They are compared to the government and the government seems to be deciding the fate or even controlling the working classs life. The immense, rough hand above represents the government and therefore, controlling the feeble, knotted one below. In my opinion, the photograph by Tina Modotti symbolises power above all else. there is also a great contrast in the lighting. Firstly, b... ...e) rapped in impenetrable wire. It is being controlled by all the other feet, who are the puppeteers. They are the plenteous class so therefore, they marginalise the poor because of there lack of fund s and even freedom. The central foots fate is in the hands of all the other personalities (feet). Like Tina Modottis photograph, my piece of art would represent a metaphor, showing how the sizable dictate and marginalise the poor. Similarly, how we spend money ad fuss over unnecessary items, for instance a pair on expensive Nike trainers or a pair of golden ear rings. On the other hand, the poor, inn most cases, cant even afford education, or even health services, which is lively for our survival in life. In conclusion, this is what I would like my message to be, I would hopefully try a produce one similar through my piece of art work.

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