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Membership Record Management System Essay

IntroductionIn the present beats were now in the era of modernization and unrivaled of the examples of the technologies that has been made is the com vagabonder. A computer now a days not only focuses in the line stock, politics, education, and economics. It in addition places a major situation in terms of religion. Just like the religion of Wesleyan Christian. Computers atomic number 18 used to figure study, stored date and maintain reading rough the masses that involves the institution. Computers offshootes argon readily available to keep tracks of records, to right data and schooling to add or delete records and many to a greater extent. As for now a days contrastive kinds of establishments uses computers as part of their eachday operation.Record worry for religions is too a sector affects by the influence of the computers because of the modern engine room now a days. In addition for that, Methodist equips computer facilities that are very essential in an p residential term to use. This dust functioned former(a) areas that involves in the institution by shifting the manual of arms process of their task to modify processing, from manual records to computerize. And for that, the proponents father decided to augment a membership record vigilance organization that entrust help the said local anesthetice.11 Background of the study unite Methodist perform (UMC) is a Methodist Christian denomination that is both mainline Protestant and Evangelical. Founded in 1968 by the union of the Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethren Church. One of the Church is the Immanuel United Methodist Church in Palawe City of San Fernando Pampanga.This church has no proper way of recording the list of new member and former(a) information of the church. The study get out focus more or less the manual impost of registration to computerized way. The proponents give invent a scheme that leave behind brighten the registration of the member s easier and faster. This frame will help the church to save, edit, retrieve and impress the records of the members.1.2 Statement of the problemWhen were conducting the membership for the Methodist church were stillencountering so many problems on how we will make the registration easier.1.2.1 General ProblemThe problem that the facilitators observed and the one that were trying to solve in the church are these accommodating of registrants is slow, false information that has been encoded and they use manual method in conducting the membership for the church.1.2.2 Specific ProblemsThese were the specific problems that weve encountered using the subsisting system 1. The members and administrator of the church take a lot of time in processing the information for their records. 2. They dont hand over a proper storage for the records due to that other levels have been loss. 3. There is a difficulty of locating files because files are not organize properly. 4. The encoding of infor mation of the members may be inaccurate because of manual encoding. 5. The members dont have a printed copy about the information on their membership.1.3 Objective of the orbitThe Immanuel United Methodist Church Membership Record Management system will make the registration of the members faster and easier. Files of the members will be stored and organized properly.1.3.1 General ObjectivesTo obtain Membership Record Management System for Immanuel United Methodist Church. The locale that weve choose is located in Palawe City of San Fernando Pampanga. The proponents will attempt to lessen all(prenominal) the problems encountered in the actual system.1.3.2 Specific Objectives1. To develop a system that will faster the processing of the information of the members.2. To develop a system that will assure records security.3. To develop a system that will fork out fast searching and retrieval of recorded files.4. To develop a system that will assure accurate and fast figuring of t he total members of the church.5. To develop a system thatwill provide a printed copy of their information.1.4 AssumptionIn implementing the proposed system the proponents have set the interest assumptions. 1. The proposed system will fasten the processing of the information of the members.. 2. The proposed system will assure records security.3. The proposed system will provide fast searching and retrieval of recorded files. 4. The proposed system will assure accurate and fast tally of the total members of the church. 5. The proposed system will provide a printed copy of their information.1.5 abstract Frame make for of the Study1.6 Signifi domiciliatece of the studyThe study aims to collect most significant information that will help the proponents in developing the proposed system which is IUMC Membership Record Management System.1.6.1 Economic SignificanceWith the implementation of the proposed system it will enable the registration to make it faster, more accurate, more signi ficant, more efficient and secured. It will as well have a brighter side in terms of economic businesses that are involve in the church that quest to know about new technologies and membership system.1.6.2 Educational SignificanceIt will serve as a guiding tool in making computerized management system for future student that want to deal with system management. It will help computer students in building much im try out ideas for their own improvements. It will also serve as a reference book guide for additional information in the field of Information Technology.1.6.3 hearty SignificanceIt will enable the society to understand more about the importance of computerized system in these modern times. With the help of the system capabilities of doing the work will be easier and faster.1.6.4 Technological SignificanceWith the help of advance applied science now a days these management related task are done faster. To help us now a days, service in churches use computers to be able to simplified more work. The proponents must go what the technology can rightfully do and how it transforms the traditional routine of work. By using computer equipments it will improve the performance of the church.1.7 Scope & edgeThe proponents believed that the proposed system will give the locale a great help and be more productive in performing their membership. These are the following capabilities that the proponents have set 1. To perform some adding, editing, deleting or searching of records for members and what carriage they have in the church. 2. To have a process data of every(prenominal) attendant that goes on the church. 3. To have a computerized report, information and other collected pieces of data. 4. To produce computerized printed copy to the member.5. To perform a maximum update in each and every members that been encoded.1.8 Operational Definition of TermsRecord Management- arrogant administration of records and text fileed information for its entire me mbers, information and for the management that handles the safe and sound system. Information System- It is a combination of all the hardwares, softwares and other facilities that involves about the system. In terms of planning, designing, analyzing and decision making for the system. Database- It is a systematically organized of records that allows easy retrieval, updating, analysis and output of records that represents almost every kind of information. Output- it is the information produce by a computer.Administrator- It is a person that is responsible for managing a computer or network and who has full entry to the hardware and software. Members- These are the persons that are involve in managing the system. Protestant a member of any several church denomination denying the universal dominance of the Pope and affirming the reformation principles of justification by faith alone.Chapter 2 review of Related Literature and StudiesEach and every educational study requires informa tion from others so that they can improve the study given by the proponents. The proponents pull together other related literary pieces on preceding research and earn of recognized experts that would have important details in relation about the problem that under goes further explanations whether the related information is by office of existing papered documents, the study focuses on the acknowledgements and to further make stronger the start of the study. 2.1 redirect examination of Related Literature2.1.1 Foreign LiteratureThe terms record, document and data are not interchangeable. According to BS15489, a Record is Information created, received and maintained as distinguish and/or information by an organization or person, in pursuance of legal obligations or in the transaction of business. A record has to be retained as long as it has value and is destroyed at the end of that period. A put down therefore, is everything else so does a document really film to be stored at a ll? Today with the advances in technology, churches have adapted to change and in indisputable circumstances are accepting emails and other electronic forms of documents or correspondences as best evidence where bone-fide hard copy originals are not available. In the past when churches were looking for solutions to remove or reduce be from their projects, their first base port was to remove old files from their expensive office space and put it into deep storage in a remote warehouse where the expenditure was low and access was minimal.This type of service tended to be used for static archival documents, as a low cost method of property them safe until the end of theirstatutory retention period when they could be destroyed. This is the origins of Document Storage. As legislation and technology came into place requiring churches and organizations to keep documents as evidence and technology has developed, the need has moved to that of managing information. This sort of active ma nagement, so an organization can quickly and soft locate & retrieve the information it seeks, has turn up to offer such organizations competitive advantage in addition to the more obvious benefit of regulatory compliance. Storing documents is not a simple as putting boxes in an empty warehouse. With the introduction of computers and the electronically created and stored data they have give rise to, we produce more paper records per head of employee than ever before. Companies increasingly find the paperless office continues to be a myth though the less-paper office is becoming a reality.2.1.2 Local LiteratureThe world of local document storage has transformed into an industry that is unrecognizable from its origins, although the paper document continues to inhabit constant, in the minefield of acronyms that surround the technology that has recognize to encompass a full Records Management Program. As part of the wider picture organizations are pass judgment to have a Business Con tinuity Plan (BCP) that includes Disaster recuperation Plans (DRP) all of which need to be safely secured but easy to retrieve. opening move content management (ECM), workflow mapping, digitization, hard copy storage tissue hosting of images and data mining are all part of the transformation that has come to represent the records management industry.After understanding the difference between what inevitably to be stored and what does not one then has to start understanding the different types or records and who is creating them. Most personnel are potential creators and they all need to understand whether the information they are creating should be stored securely and confidentially or securely destroyed. We have all heard of the recent stories of high indite laptops and information creation stolen as well as personal identity theft fraudsters who rummage in bins to obtain details of clients in order to wear their identity. A formal in-house survey to understand who and whe re information should be stored can go a long way to creating a system graspable to all. 2.2 Related Studies2.2.1 Foreign StudiesThe key to designing a successful records management system is to incorporate the following characteristics firstly, one needs to be unvarying in the manner in which records are captured, managed and maintained irrespective of whether they are electronic or paper records. Secondly they must be fond to authorized people. One of the fears that people have when out sourcing records is discussed is whether their records will be accessible. A good records management company should be able to indorsement that records will be physically or digitally delivered to within 24 hours. Information must be held in a secure environs protect against floods, fire and intruders. Most records management organizations have password protected entry into their premises and do not publicly disclose the identity of their clients. In addition to the physical security and pro tection of the storage environment the documents also needs to be shown to be the original, free of any alteration.This may require special management and it is important that the provider is able to pose to stringent management controls. Finally, retention policies should reflect the requirements of law. It is pre-requisite to be able to provide a full audit trial of any item at any time and where appropriate a Certificate of Destruction to prove that the document was destroyed in accordance with government laws. Despite the records management industry being quite a complex industry, the barriers of entry remain very low and we still find anyone with a warehouse a transport network feels more capable than records management specialist to degrade into the industry at the detriment of their clients who may find the lower costs being charged are actually resulting in their records not being held in an environmentally controlled warehouse and resulting in damaged records.2.2.2 Local Studies spell meeting statutory requirements is important, widespread usage of the records management system in the main rests upon meeting the first two goals (filing and retrieving records). In this era of enterprise-wide rollouts of records management systems, the users of the sorting scheme have changed dramatically. While historically the variety was only really used by the centralized records management staff, it will now be used bystaff throughout the organization. In order to meet these needs, the classification scheme must be understandable by universal business staff. It is clear thatIf staffs are unable to easily determine where to file records, the records management system will become littered with miss-filed documents. If staff cannot easily find documents at a later date, then they will apparently abandon use of the records management system entirely. For these reasons, the effective design of the classification scheme becomes an imperative. 2.3 Difference betwee n the Previous Study and the Proposed Study The existing system of impeccable United Methodist Church(IUMC) only uses manual process for record management, they just use typewriters and bond papers when they have to stimulant information so therefore the papers of the members are not secure. And also they need a lot of time to organize the records of the registrants.The proposed system Immaculate United Methodist Church Record Management System will help the members of the church to have a clear access of their records and also a printed output of it also the records of the members will be secured. They dont have to write and type manually. The said system will also automatically generate all records of the members. In this manner the workloads of the administrator and the other persons that are related on the organization.

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