Friday, March 22, 2019

How the 13 Colonies Were Named :: American History, Informative

How the 13 Colonies Were NamedThe first thirteen colonies were either named after people, Indian names or, places in England. The original states/colonies are, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, new(a) York, Georgia, North Carolina, Maryland, sulfur Carolina, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Hampshire and New Jersey.The three states that are named specifically after Indian names are Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. The Puritans named Massachusetts, after a local Indian federation of tribes whose name means a large hill place. Rhode Island was named after the Indian name for Red Island. It was officially called The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations in 1790. The triad state named after and Indian name is Connecticut, which gets its name from and Algonquin treatment meaning land on the long tidal riverThe eight colonies that are named after people in England are Georgia, North Carolina, conspiracy Carolina, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia and New York. Georgia was named in honor of Englands King George II. North and South Carolina were both named in honor of King Charles I. (Carolous is Latin for Charles). It is believed that Lord Baltimore who accredited a charter for what is now the land of Maryland, named the state after queen Henrietta Maria, wife of King Charles I.Delaware was named by the Delaware Indians (also known as lenni-lenape) after the mortal Lord de la Warr. The Keystone State, more commonly known as Pennsylvania was named by William Penn in honor of his father. William combined the name Penn and Latin term Sylvania, which means woodlands to come up with Penns Woodlands.

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