Sunday, March 17, 2019

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The number of children who enter hold dear cargon is chop-chop growing however, there argon not enough value parents for these children. Children are placed into nurse lot because of neglect, abuse and many other reasons. cherish parents are single individuals or married couples who survive licensed to inspection and repair as caretakers for encourage children. Foster parents are very important because they suffice the child grow and by providing love and affection, and up to now stability darn they are away from birth parents. The purpose of this review is to increase the sentiency about raise parenting and finding ways to recuperate parents to create productive foster placements. A research study shows that twenty-two licensed foster parents at a parent training session with the Louisiana segment of Social Services was compare to the role perceptions of White and African American foster parents, (Nabusti, York, & Sandell, 2004). This study found that there are s ome differences and similarities in White and African American foster parents. They collected data from 128 African Americans and 65 White foster parents. This study proved that African American parents are likely to take care of children who are related to them nonetheless, they insulate themselves from child welfare agencies, (Nabusti et al., 2004). In this study, foster parents revealed they were responsible for creating a alliance between the foster child and birth parents, assisting the child with social and worked up development, helping the foster agency operate easier, providing the child with traditional maternal roles, and establishing spiritual relationships with the child (Nabusti et al, 2004). This study proved that African American foster parent think it is extremely important t... ...t that we understand the foster care system and its process as well. Finding ways to recruit foster parents is very important. All of the studies discussed above have found ways to recruit foster parents, give advice to foster parents to make foster placement successful, and even compared the African American and White foster family perceptions on foster care. The foster care system is very serious and proper foster placements are very much needed. While researching recruiting foster parents, I noticed that church or organizations have not hosted a foster recruitment sidereal day to increase implicated families awareness on how to become a foster parent. Hosting an educational seminar on the importance of foster families and explaining to the audience on how to become foster parents would be an effective way to increase the awareness of interested foster families.

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