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Outrageous Lady or the Tiger Essay Topics Tips

Outrageous Lady or the Tiger Essay Topics Tips Lady or the Tiger Essay Topics Features The blurred line between both ideas is something which the characters continually straddle. No new points ought to be introduced here. Sometimes it came from the other. We know she adores the prince. He knew the princess would make the most suitable selection. He isn't suitable marriage material for the princess, and even trying to romance her is a wonderful offense to the king, or so the suitor receives the lady and the tiger therapy. However, the king began to applaud the guy, and so followed the spectators. He has a daughter who is young and beautiful. But she isn't there merely to watch. To begin with, an individual can tell that the kingdom and its king hadn't ever been exposed to another type of leadership. After that, let them perform for one another! The New Angle On the Lady or the Tiger Essay Topics Just Released A part of the proceeds from the selling of each TigerLady will visit a non-profit committed to putting a stop to violence against women. His daughter, on the flip side, embraced responsibility. however, it was almost not possible to understand her thought procedure. The institution was a really popular one. He was barbaric and simply did not feel guilty. They are beautiful but they may be dangerous. This is sad but we want to understand this. Obviously, it's no trouble at all to present her doomed lover a little signal. Justice system would be offered by sadekmiah. Then they have to pick between two doors. She pointed to the correct door. Should they choose the other door rather they are very guilty or not, they get to reside and are made to marry the individual supporting the door. It's an enjoyable speculation exercise which requires analysis and citing evidence. However this logic is a little flawed. But there's one twist in the plot that makes all of the difference. Discuss whether you believe this is a suitable charact erization. The Start of the Lady or the Tiger Essay Topics Such methods were common in years past but none was fantastic. Following are various kinds of essay topics for students that are categorized in many sections so you can easily chose the topic in accordance with your need and requirement. Other essay services might be more efficient when it comes to their operations but they're not quite as effective as us. Tigers live in numerous climates, and eat many things also. He are getting more and more scarce. The tiger mainly lives in part of the world named Asia. He or she has no enemies that can kill it other than people, a large pack of wild dogs and possible a large bear. There are still a few tigers in Russia. Ideas, Formulas and Shortcuts for the Lady or the Tiger Essay Topics Essays might be lightly modified for readability or to defend the anonymity of contributors, but we don't edit essay examples before publication. Responding to literature is among the most ef fective ways of showing that you comprehend the story. Reading example essays works the exact same way! The 5-Minute Rule for the Lady or the Tiger Essay Topics We are going to take a look straight away. Nonetheless, this is not what love is about. She wouldn't find the two together, and she'd locate a new love eventually. Thanx everyone for all your help!

Research Paper Topics on Gun Laws

Research Paper Topics on Gun LawsIf you want to write a solid research paper and find appropriate and relevant research papers for your topic, there are a number of research paper topics on gun laws. However, it is important to know your topic well and consider several factors before writing a research paper on this topic. For example, if you are writing about gun laws in Australia, make sure that you look at what happened in Australia when gun laws were changed, what impact did the changes have, and what did the country do to reduce gun crime after the changes were implemented. Remember, the first step in developing your research paper is always to research your topic.It is also important to remember that your research paper on gun laws should not only be about your research topic, but also about your audience. Your research paper should be researched and written for an audience. After all, your audience is not going to be informed by your research paper alone.If you are writing abo ut the gun laws in Australia, what can you learn from the Australian experience? First, Australia has more restrictions on gun ownership than the United States. Second, the strict gun laws in Australia have resulted in more gun murders.Do you think the United States can learn anything from the Australian experience? Of course! One thing that the United States can learn from the Australian experience is to implement more gun laws. This would save many lives.Another research paper topic on gun laws is the effect of handgun laws. In addition to having more stringent gun laws, Australia has more than one million privately owned handguns. The guns that remain in private hands have similar characteristics to the guns that criminals are carrying. The guns are often stolen, used in crimes, and found at crime scenes.Still another research paper topic on gun laws is the impact of restricting the right to purchase guns. Most guns are handguns. However, there are some semi-automatic weapons in private hands, so private citizens are allowed to possess them if they comply with the necessary regulations and are under the proper age to own a gun.Finally, there is research paper on gun laws on mental health. People who have a mental illness are less likely to commit violence than people without mental illnesses. Also, in countries that have a relatively relaxed gun law and a relatively relaxed mental health system, the number of people who commit violent crimes has been falling.Research paper topics on gun laws need to cover not only the physical aspects of the law, but also the societal issues associated with gun ownership. In addition, the research paper should explain how the law affects the mental health system. Once you understand your audience, you can tailor your research paper to suit your topic and focus on the issues of the day.

Cybersecurity Research Paper Topics Crimes and Their Effects

Cybersecurity Research Paper Topics Crimes and Their EffectsCybercrime is emerging as a very big issue these days and with this comes new risks, researches have to be done on the basis of which they can come up with updated threat assessments. A major portion of the problem is that because of the absence of appropriate measures for the country's financial institutions and critical infrastructures have to deal with this danger.Now-a-days, data security is becoming an important aspect and it needs to be considered along with all other precautions. There are several threats that can be seen by the business organizations when dealing with the cyberthreats. This includes sexual and blackmailing emails, spam mails, phishing schemes, spyware, viruses and worm attacks that can cause a lot of damage to the business organizations.When it comes to cybercrime, there are some aspects that need to be evaluated before any decision can be made regarding the research of this topic. These aspects incl ude such things as protecting the business organizations from these crimes and also taking measures in order to minimize the chances of being a victim of such crimes.Some of the most common types of cybercrimes include Social Engineering Attacks (SEA), denial of service (DOS) and Information leaks (ILE). Each of these crimes has different signs that can help you make an accurate assessment of the risk that you are exposed to. A proper research paper which evaluates the risks should be done based on these signs and may also incorporate additional considerations.After reviewing the research on the subject and using it in conjunction with the local area, the guidelines can be provided to the employees who work for the business organization. This research paper can be very important for the business organization as it will show the ways to ensure security of the organizations and networks. When it comes to the workforce, additional measures need to be done for safety measures as well.If you are studying safety and you find the threat level for your workplace has been set at high, then the first thing you need to do is to take precautions in the study paper itself. Just like any other research paper, one needs to make sure that the research paper is updated regularly with the latest information regarding the Internet security, cybercrime and the threats. Keeping this updated knowledge in mind is very important for companies that are not having a lot of funds and can not afford to spend on a research paper.The research paper is considered to be a major consideration as the effects of the computerized crime are growing more day by day. Cybercrime is a very serious issue and is becoming more so as time goes by.

Laniers Thesis That People Defer to Machines to Make Them Work

Lanier's Thesis That People Defer to Machines to Make Them WorkLanier's thesis that people devalue themselves in order to make machines work is one of the great ironies of modern technology. It is strange to me that we should be so willing to give up our personal liberties and freedoms just so we can use our property to the greatest extent possible.How many times have we had to endure the mind-numbing nature of some of these technological devices? We live in a world where every second of every day, billions of dollars are being spent on research and development of new machines that will make life easier for us and make our lives a little more comfortable and relaxed. Yet we allow ourselves to be drawn into the trap of dependency by these machines which are only useful at certain times and not other times.But what is the real reason why so many people give up their personal freedom and let themselves be controlled by technology? Lanier suggests that people will tend to be programmed t o lose their humanness if they are constantly offered products that are designed by robots. There is something very powerful about this idea and it causes me to wonder about the long term implications.We are also starting to see that the personal interaction that machines cannot provide is also an important part of human personality. We like to do things that make us feel important and special and yet machines are hardly ever good at doing this. And it makes sense to me that people will become less human and more machine like if machines are everywhere and we are constantly being used by machines.In the future I would expect to see lots of robots in offices and in our homes and we would be forced to change from the old mechanical watches and to wear our own devices. This could result in our life style becoming less focused on human relations and more on mechanization. In fact, a surprising amount oftech today has been invented to make things a lot easier for us - why wouldn't we wan t to do the same thing?The problem with Lanier's thesis is that it assumes that we can't change our behavior or our way of thinking unless we are given the right incentive to do so. I don't believe that's true. I certainly don't think that we are all slaves to our own technology, and I don't think we should all allow ourselves to be controlled by it either.But if we let machines run our lives and make us use them to the fullest extent possible, we are destroying our own individuality and also our individuality is our individuality. One of the biggest conflicts I have seen between myself and technology is in the car. I am constantly trying to make my cars as useful as possible in order to make the most of their abilities but I still find myself wanting more.It seems to me that even though technology is great, we are losing our personal freedom by allowing it to control our every move. If we value our liberty as much as Lanier does, we need to look at the ways that we are also giving up our personal freedom in the name of personal freedom.

Why Everybody Is Talking About Custom College School Papers...The Simple Truth Revealed

Why Everybody Is Talking About Custom College School Papers...The Simple Truth Revealed A Secret Weapon for Custom College School Papers Among other on-line services, which provide essay writing, College-essay-helper. So when you have an essay assigned that you will need help with, you can purchase essay online cheap from us. It's possible to purchase college essays from one of the absolute most trustworthy customized essay writing company that offers EXCELLENT support. Customized essays might help you understand the character of a fantastic paper and write. It's rather important that writers are experienced and safe as a good deal of students don't trust someone to compose their papers. For instance, the writers should have knowledge in company and biology in order to be in a position to provide business papers and biology papers. Our expert writers could also provide you some valuable strategies about how to boost your writing. The writers in the business ought to be in a position to compose the high school papers from scratch to prevent plagiarism. The Essentials of Custom College School Papers You Can Learn From Starting Right Away With our help students may easily buy college papers, making certain that not even the toughest. So, higher school students need support and help in order to compose great papers. Quality college papers How college students may pick a fantastic writing support. Today, most college students find it difficult to compose an essay on a particular topic. Online where you could purchase your essays or research papers rather than writing. If you think that they are then as a. Writing papers can be a lot easier with us! Buying papers has never been simpler! Writing high school papers is a significant assignment for students in high school and it's needed. New Ideas Into Custom College School Papers Never Before Revealed Therefore, if you decide on our company to manage your papers, be certain to get simply the very best custom term papers! 1 means is to purchase custom made papers. Customized Term Papers can be gotten at our service that's been dealing with term paper research for many years. Affordable custom made papers guaranteed. Making the choice to employ a custom writing service is critical. Our purchase procedure is custom easy. Order your customized essay today! Yes, no site for your particular objective of custom writing service. What Custom College School Papers Is - and What it Is Not If you are trying to enroll at a school that's local to your residence, seek out all of the personal colleges and apply to them all and you'll find one which accepts your Life Experience Degree credits. Sending our children to The College School is among the best decisions we have ever made. What constitutes an excellent history Custom College. Students lead busy lives and frequently forget about an approaching deadline. Whether any sort of writing assignment you've got, Edu Geeks Club provides you the support that you will need to submit finest quality of work punctually. Finding a home nearby is simpler than you believe. College courses may have a lot of say in the employment prospects of job seekers, therefore it's important that incoming students just like you take a while to evaluate your choices. It is one of the biggest transitions in someone's life. It's unique and it'll cover all you need to cover school get the write marks. The school necessitates re-application for financial aid annually. When you begin contemplating school, consider any personal or religious value that's very important to your family members. The grade of the education that children and teenagers receive is what is going to determinate their success later on. The internet homeschool programme enables students to make a foreign degree at your own pace while buy buy your work and establish your career. Our kids get to devote a great deal of time learning in the true world and in fact it gives them a different perspective. Ok, I Think I Understand Custom College School Papers, Now Tell Me About Custom College School Papers! Therefore, if you consider paying someone to compose your paper, don't hesitate as it's well worth doing. Most important though is the simple fact that HandMadeWriting is areal company based in the usa. Some are sure it costs a bomb to request help any online writing company. You will love our work.

Topics For Sociology Final Papers

Topics For Sociology Final PapersIn all my years as a teacher of sociology I have never heard a professor suggest what their students should write on topics for sociology final papers. I think that this is because there are so many things that sociology students learn in the course and it would not make sense to spend time studying one particular subject. That said, I would like to share a few thoughts about what topics to include.I think that many people are under the impression that sociology has to do with social aspects of everyday life. That is not necessarily true as I am aware that sociology can include very difficult topics such as suicide, war, colonialism, racism, sexism, religion and sexuality. However I believe that students can study these subjects by using other disciplines such as history, anthropology, philosophy and economics.There are also plenty of subjects that people don't often think about. These include animal rights, race relations, gay rights, abortion, femin ism, religion and even class. So it would be logical to include those as subjects as well. Unfortunately most students do not want to discuss these subjects openly in class as they would feel uncomfortable.It would be important to study these subjects as they can have a profound effect on a student's career. Sociology final paper will need to explore how these social issues affect an individual's life and, in turn, society. This will need to be addressed from a sociological perspective.Many students choose not to explore these issues as they do not feel that they have the background required to fully socialise with others on these topics, or they feel that there is nothing much that can be learned from a conversation on them. However, the reverse is actually true as you can use written assignments to gain the necessary knowledge and insight to fully understand what it means to be part of society and what effect certain social issues have on society.There are also times when a sociol ogy final paper will delve into the role of race in society. Perhaps there are a few professors who refuse to include this topic because they believe that this will divide the class but it is actually a wonderful topic to include as it can provide an excellent balance to other topics. Students will find it interesting to discuss race in a historical context as well as one's personal experience with this issue.A good example of a good sociology final paper that explores social issues would be to ask students to write a five paragraph essay about poverty. The purpose of this essay is to explore what causes poverty and how it affects society. I would suggest that this be a part of a course called 'Society and Poverty' which covers various sociological issues.Finally, students will benefit greatly from the research paper that they complete at the end of their sociology degree. This can be used as a chance to gain knowledge and insights from other students, so it is important to do a goo d job of completing it. It can help you expand your knowledge of sociology and become more comfortable discussing difficult subjects.

Great English 122 Research Paper Topics

Great English 122 Research Paper TopicsIf you're one of the many English 122 students in the United States and beyond, then this should give you some insight as to how this course will help you. Before you decide whether or not you'll enroll, here are a few 122 research paper topics that you can take on. Some of these are easy for beginners to tackle, and others are more difficult. Either way, they are all good subjects for beginning English majors who want to explore what they have learned.If you're interested in studying biographies and memoirs, then there are many subjects you could choose from. You can use this research for a class project. Other topics include travels, war, and religion.If you're interested in working on a novel, then English 122 is your best bet. There are plenty of free online resources where you can work on your novel. The most popular ones include novels that are set in China, Pakistan, India, and the Middle East. If you want to expand your writing skills fu rther, you could look into fiction instead.Another thing you can take on with your English 122 research is romance. From the American South to the English countryside, romance is the perfect subject for students to learn about. You can use your English 122 research paper topic for a college seminar.If you're also interested in history, then you'll want to take on subjects like medieval culture, or the 12th century. If you want to do a comparative history course, then you'll want to look into events in Europe during World War I. Your history research could help with that. Other topics that you could consider are industrialism, animal rights, politics, and more.For those who are involved in the world of music, then English 122should be the best class for you. There are many interesting subject areas where you can delve. Some examples include opera, classical music, jazz, pop, and more.As you can see, there are many different English 122 research paper topics that you can explore. Take your time and choose the subjects that are right for you.

College Essay Samples - What Are They?

College Essay Samples - What Are They?Although persuasive essay samples have a history of being utilized by colleges and universities to help decide what type of major to offer to students, the actual truth is that colleges and universities aren't always as careful about the type of essay samples they use. That's not really the point of using a persuasive essay sample, because they're not exactly tools for determining which type of student to enroll in a particular class. Students who are high school graduates are more apt to know how to craft effective essays, and college graduates will know more about how to use different types of written communication in an interesting way. While they can be helpful in deciding which type of student to enroll in a course, many students have reported that they found them more confusing than helpful.A lot of colleges and universities have made the mistake of trying to get students to sign up for courses based on what they wrote in their college essa y samples. So, when they turned around and realized it was too late, it became clear that these essays weren't designed to determine which type of student to enroll in a course. When they are being used as primary elements in college admissions, they don't really make a difference.You won't necessarily understand what kind of college admissions officer you'll be meeting with when you start applying to colleges. They'll see some specific qualities they like, but they won't be able to predict whether you will be a good fit for a particular college.What you should be looking for is how colleges are using the college essays that students have submitted to determine what type of student they'd want to see. It's true that some students use persuasive essay samples to tell admissions officers about their own personal experiences. But a lot of students try to manipulate the essay format so that they can emphasize areas of their educational background that are worth studying and that could b e useful to the college.It's important to remember that you can avoid entering into a college application with persuasive essay samples in hand if you go about it the right way. What kind of information you provide on your application doesn't matter if you haven't crafted an effective essay. As long as you're providing enough information about yourself to make an admissions officer to ask about the application, they won't need persuasive essay samples to figure out what type of student to admit.A more effective approach for students with persuasive essay samples would be to have them simply outline what they'd like to tell colleges about themselves. That's not the only thing they should include, but it's a good place to start. Colleges who use college essays in their admissions process might also give them more detailed descriptions of their coursework, or they might ask for a letter that includes a personal statement.If a college is looking for different kinds of college essays to apply to, they may rely on the persuasive essay samples to determine which kind of student they'd prefer to admit. The mistake many colleges make when they use these samples as a criteria is that they assume they have to use the materials for exactly what they were originally written.To make sure that college admissions officers are evaluating every applicant for what they really have to offer, you'll need to be as honest as possible about what you want. Include all of the personal information about yourself that you'd like to see on the resume, and submit a cover letter that uses the same amount of detail. By ensuring that your letters of recommendation are made from the perspective of someone who values you for what you've accomplished, you'll probably be in a better position to avoid the pitfalls of college admissions that would otherwise cause you to lose out on a college degree.

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Procedural Content Generation Research Papers

Procedural Content Generation Research PapersProcedural content generation research papers provide structure means that you write a paper in terms of an algorithm or some method of computation. This means that when the paper is written, what you are actually doing is defining how something works. Using this approach means that you can construct mathematical formulae and then use them to give you your analysis. What can it achieve?First, it's great analytical tools that will help you break down large sums of data into manageable chunks. There is a certain sense in which this makes your work easier, because you don't have to deal with the messy work of trying to analyse it all. You can do it all in one place. But even though it's easy to do, it's also extremely quick. The speed with which it can be done means that it's very accessible.As soon as you start writing, you can be done within minutes because it all depends on the software, so no hard time finding the right ones. It also mean s that you don't have to hire someone else to do it for you.Procedural content generation research papers are a great way to get your work seen. There are a lot of people who are interested in problems that are not easy to solve by human beings. This means that they are looking for a paper that will give them the answers they are looking for.In addition, research papers can help you come up with new ideas and solve problems that have never been solved before. They might be hard to solve but with a little research, they could be solved.Of course, it's very hard to compete with the amount of money that is spent by other people, but the software for procedural content generation research papers is easily affordable. It's something that anyone can afford if they are willing to do the research and build it themselves. If you're new to software and you want to make something and you can't afford to buy software, then research papers are a great solution.As a student, you will be able to g et access to procedural content generation research papers, as it has always been available for the academics who want to create mathematical formulae. If you're not very good at maths, then you could use a tool that makes it easier for you. You could spend hours searching through a lot of programs to find the right one.If you're serious about getting into academia, procedural content generation research papers are a great way to give yourself the best chance of getting noticed. It's a fast and efficient way to create the kind of paper that gives you the results you're looking for, so you'll be getting the kind of education that you deserve.

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How to Write a College Essay

How to Write a College EssayWhen it comes to writing a college essay, there are always going to be questions that you want to get the best answers for. Fortunately, as a prepscholar, you will have an abundance of information to work with. From the ever-reliable internet, you can always find the answers you need without having to move further into your college career.There are different tools that you can use when it comes to the preparation of your college essay. For example, one tool that you can use is one that not too many prepscholars actually use - your imagination. You should use your imagination to create something that no one has ever thought about before.That might sound weird to you, but it will help you to be creative. If you want to write a really good essay, then you must think outside of the box or make something that no one has thought of before.You must make sure that you let all of the other students around you know that you want to be a good prepscholar. It is throu gh this method that you will gain respect from them. By writing a well-written college essay, you will gain the respect of those students who are sitting at the front of the class.One good thing that you can do for yourself by preparing for college essays is to make sure that you are as prepared as possible for them. You can always go ahead and ask your professor's opinion on the topic you have chosen for your essay. At times, they will give you the freedom to write what you like about the topic that is being taught.You should also consider writing some short stories about college essays. While they might seem like fun, they are something that you can write to improve your chances of getting accepted into a good college. Of course, if you don't want to write something like this, you can always take an English writing class.If you want to write college essays that are more personal and that include a lot of emotion, you should take up a poetry class that focuses on the art of writing . You should take this kind of class so that you can learn how to express your emotions in a way that makes it easier for others to understand.Your last piece of advice for writing college essays is to research as much as you can. There are tons of things that you can find out about any topic. The more that you know, the better you will be able to write about that topic.

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Academic Essay Writing Examples - How To Find The Best Educational Research Essay Writing Examples

Academic Essay Writing Examples - How To Find The Best Educational Research Essay Writing ExamplesThere are many websites that provide several academic essay writing examples articles that you can use as reference when it comes to choosing the best academic essay writing examples for your purposes. These examples are meant to teach you not only how to write a well-written academic essay, but also how to learn how to create one that will stand out from the rest. After all, it is most important to be able to get into the minds of your reader and become an authority on your topic when it comes to presenting information.However, there are many sites that also offer helpful articles that are intended to teach you how to find the perfect article to write for a particular subject area. This is an advantage if you want to write something on a certain topic or a topic in which you are not so familiar with. The advantage with this type of resource is that you will be able to find helpful artic les on almost any topic, whether it is on your favorite sports team or on a subject matter that interests you. That's one advantage, and another advantage is that these types of articles can help you improve your writing skills, as well as your abilities to organize your thoughts.In order to begin your search for academic essay writing examples articles, all you have to do is search for the keyword phrase, 'educational research essay examples.' You will then be able to see a large number of these articles, which you can either browse through or download in order to study. Once you have found some that you think would be appropriate for your essay writing requirements, you can either view the articles online, or download them so that you can read the articles at your leisure.After you have finished reading these informative articles, you should have an idea of what the best academic research essay examples are. Some of the topics that they cover include various types of books, how to research certain topics, and how to write an informative essay that will be well worth reading by readers who are interested in the topic.There are several different types of educational research essay examples that are available. Most of these academic research essay examples that you can find online are provided by professional writers who are highly skilled at what they do. These experts understand what it takes to make a well-written essay and are happy to provide you with the information and examples that you need to be able to find the right material to help you create an academic essay that is well-received by readers.Your educational research essay can be published in newspapers and magazines, and if you are well-trained to write well-crafted essays, you can write an informative essay that will have the ability to get you noticed. One of the best tools that you can use to improve your essay writing skills is to have people read your essay and be able to tell you what they l ike and what they did not like about it. These people will help you learn how to write an informative essay, which is something that you are going to need to improve in order to be successful in the field of writing.Writing an essay isn't something that you can do quickly; instead, it takes time and practice. You are going to need to learn how to use articles like this to help you in this process, and that's one of the benefits of reading informative, academic research essay examples.

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Unity and Diversity in Spiritual Care free essay sample

Spiritual needs, and psychosocial needs are much less tangible than physical needs, because they are often abstract, complex and more difficult to measure. These more intangible needs have frequently been given a much lower priority than needs which are more obvious and more easily measurable. Spiritual needs, if expressed outside of a religious framework, are very likely to go unnoticed. So if we are to identify spiritual needs and provide spiritual care, its first necessary to have some understanding of the nature of spirituality and how it may be expressed by different individuals. In Australian society, and therefore in our health care setting, we encounter a diversity of cultures, philosophies and religious traditions, as well as individuals who have no clearly defined philosophy or belief system. Therefore its important that we develop some general definitions which can help us to recognise spiritual needs when we encounter them in our clients. We will write a custom essay sample on Unity and Diversity in Spiritual Care or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page In recent years, a number of definitions have emerged which are helpful both for defining spirituality, and differentiating between spiritual needs and religious or psychosocial needs. Simsen defines spirituality by saying THE SPIRIT is that part of man which is concerned with the ultimate meaning of things and with a persons relationship to that which transcends the material. (Simsen, 1985:10) Moberg says it is The totality of mans inner resources, the ultimate concerns around which all other values are focussed, the central philosophy of life which influences all individual and social behaviour. (Moberg, 1979) SPIRITUAL NEED has been variously defined as, Any factor that is necessary (requisite, indispensable) to support the spiritual strengths of a person or to diminish the spiritual deficits. (Simsen, 1985:10). The lack of any factor or factors necessary to maintain a persons dynamic relationship with God/Deity (as defined by that person). (Stallwood, 1975: 1088), and That re quirement which touches the core of ones being where the search for personal meaning takes place. (Colliton, 1981: 492). I find all these definitions helpful because together they give a comprehensive (though not exhaustive) picture of what we are aiming to do in giving spiritual care. We need to realise however that spirituality may not always be expressed within a religious framework. Therefore we need to make a distinction between spirituality and religion. One definition of RELIGION is, a framework of spiritual beliefs, a code of ethics and a philosophy that governs a persons activity in pursuit of that which he holds as supreme, his God. In the book, Nursing and Spiritual Care, McGilloway says, Religion helps people answer basic questions about life and death and the unexplained happenings in the world around them. McGilloway, 1985: 23) As these definitions demonstrate, spirituality is not limited to religious affiliation and practices, but is a much broader concept. Another difficulty in identifying spiritual need is that we can fail to make the distinction between spiritual needs and psychosocial needs, since they are not always opposites, and may in fact overlap. A model I find helpful in clarifying this, is one that describes a person in terms of three di mensions. (1) The PHYSICAL or biological dimension which relates to the world around us through our five senses. 2) The PSYCHOSOCIAL dimension which relates to self and others, and involves our emotions, moral sense, intellect and will. (3) The SPIRITUAL dimension which transcends physical and psychosocial dimensions and has the capacity to relate to a higher being. (Stallwood, 1975: 1087) These three dimensions are distinct but overlapping. They cannot be sealed in separate compartments. A crisis or illness affecting our physical body will invariably affect the other dimensions as well. SPIRITUALITY IN NURSING TODAY How does nursing today view spiritual care? For a long time, nursing literature concerning spiritual care was directed towards belief systems and religious practices. If considered at all, it was largely defined in a very narrow way as relating to frankly religious functions and intervention limited (at least officially) to calling the hospital chaplain. Regardless of that, we were often confronted with spiritual need and recognised at least the more overt expressions of this. For example, statements such as God must be punishing me or questions like, Nurse, do you think there is anything after death? were recognised as indicating a spiritual concern. By the late 1960s and 1970s the nursing literature had begun to reveal a growing interest in the spiritual, as well as the psychosocial and emotional aspects of nursing care. Nursing theorists of this era saw the human person as an integrated whole with different dimensions or capabilities (as they put it) for discerning the world around and within. Their writings suggest that when they spoke of spirituality or spiritual need, they had in mind a much broader concept than just religious or denominational adherence and practice. In 1971, Joyce Travelbee declared, A nurse does not only seek to alleviate physical pain or render physical care she ministers to the whole person. The existence of suffering, whether physical, mental or spiritual is the proper concern of the nurse. 4 (Travelbee, 1971: 159). Here we see clear evidence of a return to the traditional focus of nursing, a concern for the whole person. This focus is even more evident today. The North American Diagnosis Association [NANDA] approved list of Nursing Diagnoses which is widely used in Australia, includes SPIRITUAL DISTRESS which is described as, Distress of the human spirit; disruption in the life principle that pervades a persons entire being and integrates and transcends ones biological and psychosocial nature. (Alfaro, 1990: 203) This classification, first approved in its present form in 1988, recognises that suffering extends beyond the physical, mental and emotional. Spiritual care can be a natural part of total care which fits easily into the nursing process of assessment, nursing diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation. Placing spiritual need and spiritual care within this framework, has proved to be very helpful, for both philosophical and practical reasons. Firstly spiritual care can become more tangible as well as more assessable. And s econdly, the types of knowledge utilised by the Nursing Process practice wisdom, ethics of practice, and scientific knowledge (Ziegler et al, 1986:14-18) are all relevant to assessing piritual needs and planning spiritual care. It can also then be documented in nursing care plans, to ensure a continuity of care. Like all other areas of care, spiritual care should be a team effort. If spiritual needs are accurately assessed and documented, all staff will be encouraged to see that care is provided. Members of the team who for any reason, dont feel comfortable about providing that care themselves, w ill be able to use referral. The result will be a united approach to spiritual care which is seen as a natural part of nursing practice.