Sunday, March 10, 2019

Play Report: Our Lady of 121st Street

Immediate Responses -Easy read -Incredibly funny - acknowledgments be so unlike one a nonher -The relationships totally linked together somehow -Very disappointed by the way they found Sister Rose -Loved the aboveboard flow of the dialogue -Had to re-read several things in order to keep the instalment straight due to the jumping around of the scenes and magazine. Basic Conflict The staple fiber conflict of the play is the unsettling fact that somebody has stolen the clay of their beloved nun buoy Sister Rose. Major Events -Somebody stole Sister Roses corpse Balthazar tells Vic a story ab bulge out a man who didnt apportion that his son had died -Rooftop goes to confession with Father Lux for the first age in 30 years. -Inez is Rooftops ex wife -Gails and Flips relationship is established. Gail is an actor. -Flip denies his relationship with Gail in front of Inez -The interrogation of Norca by Balthazar -Edwins and little fingers relationship is established -Edwin sends pin ky out for Yodels at 1030 in the morning -Marcias asthma attack. Edwin takes superintend of her. Marcia tries hooking up with Edwin. -Norca and Inez speak in the bar for the first time since Norca slept with Rooftop, Inezs ex husband. Balthazar takes Rooftop out of his confession. * pinkie kisses Father Lux * Pinky returns from getting yodels everywhere 12 hours later. * He admits to Edwin that he spent time with Norca * Marcia expresses her concerns that Edwin will turn into her alcoholic grandfather * Marcia exigencys to marry Edwin who doesnt want to leave Pinky alone. * Flip kisses Gail in public * Balthazar confesses that he was the hombre who decided to watch a game on television over sacking to his sons death sight. Major Theme The study theme/lesson of the play is to of all time put somebody else before you.If you do than you will learn more about yourself in long run. environs The environment of our scene is a bar and grill on 121st pass at 2 a. m. in the morning. Sitting in the bar I rear end see the smoke from the kitchen as it passes the lights on the ceiling. I can smell the fantastic aroma of fried food being cooked out back. I can taste the cold, salty, and seasoned French fries as I bite into them off of Marcias plate. I can call for the faint jazz music from the jukebox in the corner behind me. I can feel the cool air conditioning advent from the vents as I stand under them when I get warm. CharacterMy character is Edwin Velasquez. Edwin is a super for a building on 121st thoroughfare and has a great relationship with some of his tenants. Edwin dresses incredibly mainstream and boring. He hasnt shaved in 3 months, so his scruff is quite evident and doesnt waste time doing his hair. Edwin loves to eat Yodels with whole milk, and smoke. Edwins not the smartest 32 year old and he had to re-do 2nd grade 3 times. He is a very happy person who has taken on a huge burden that causes him to be on edge roughly all of the time. Some peop le may see this as a bad attitude, but its simply a result of always worrying.Edwin has to take care of his little Brother, Pinky, by himself due to the fact that their parents are dead. Pinky is mentally challenged, and it just so happens that its Edwins crack which really weighs down on his shoulders 24/7. He threw a brick through a window after being allow out at by his parents for calling Pinky a retard, and the brick hit Pinky on the head causing permanent damage. Edwins most all-important(a) relationship is the one with his brother Pinky. Their parents passed away several years ago. social Services insisted on taking Pinky into custody, but Edwin would not let that happen, so he took full responsibility for Pinky.He feels that he owes it to his parents to be the best possible parental figure he can be for Pinky. Edwins overall need or desire throughout his carriage is to be certain Pinky is happy and safe at all times. Edwin does extremely well trying to protect Pinky an d know hardly where he is at all times, but Pinky makes it incredibly hard to do so. In our scene he does not achieve it because Pinky was out for over 12 hours and did not tell Edwin where he was going to be which worried Edwin to death, but it was truly out of his hands.

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