Thursday, March 21, 2019

Over-consumption = More Waste :: Essays Papers

Over-consumption = More WasteThe single most authoritative environmental issue today is over-consumerism, which leads to excess waste. We buy too much. We work appear we invariably need brand-new and better stuff. Will we ever be satisfied? There will always be something better or cooler on the market. Because we live in a capitalistic consumer culture, we render absorbed things the like Get it while the gettings good, pop the question ends soon, buy while it lasts, For great deals, come on downsunshine Sunday Sunday We, kids from 1 to 92, have become saturated with commercials like Obey your aridness. How much of our consumption is compulsive purchasing, merely obeying our momentary thirst? Do we actually need all that we buy? Could we survive efficiently, stock-still happily, without making so many obtain center runs? Once later I make a Target run with mom, I observe that most of the bulkiness within my plastic bags with red targets symbols on them was made up of the products packaging. I then thought about all the bags that were piled on the floor near usall of the bags piled on the floors of many homes passim America daily. There ar realistic solutions that we should look into in allege to curb this detrimental trend. Because we kindle do quick little time-saver runs to the near mega-store, we really have lost the need and, in some cases, the baron to be creative or resourceful. Instead of contributing to consumerism by purchasing new clothes and household goods, we can try finding and exploitation things that were already purchased and perhaps slightly used. (Obviously not toiletries, food, or undergarments.) There be oodles of resale shops and rummage sales that contain great products for almost always half the price or even cheaper. By not shopping at such places as Goodwill, Salvation Army, and the like, we just keep adding more(prenominal) and more to the already vast amount of products that are already out there and not in use. It is wise to not contribute anymore to consumerism and waste-increase by buying used items. Perhaps we should only buy new things to supplement our needs. It is unrealistic to advocate that everyone in America stop buying new things altogether. We should buy them in moderation, but there are things we can do before and after purchasing these things. Three simple solutions are pre-cycling, re-cycling, and re-using. Pre-cycling is used to prevent as much waste as viable by simply seeking out products with little, less, or no packaging.

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