Thursday, March 21, 2019

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disconcert of ContentsI.Executive Summary II.Description of BusinessIII.Man shape upment.IV. foodstuff...V.Financials.. Executive Summary Krystal MelendezThe average day care model accepts children from turn in to about 12 or 13 years old. Business hours world between 7am to 8 pm, Monday- Friday, maybe Saturday. It is often difficult for parents/guardians to find a child care provider that will allow their child to stop overnight or after regular business hours on a routine basis. Slumber Care is a 24 hour, year trolling child care center catering to infant and adolescent age groups. The services offered are ideal for parents/guardians who have rotating shifts, late shifts, are in need of a break, or have an emergency situation. Including those individuals who are set about barriers and obstacles in employment due to the inability of available services offered during their particular(prenominal) job schedule.Slumber Care will generate income by charging reading f...

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