Thursday, August 22, 2019

Wake Up America! Essay Example for Free

Wake Up America! Essay Nowadays the issue of food is very important in American society as many people suffer from obesity, whereas others suffer from stomach pains and indigestion problems. Therefore, Americans should pay more attention to their everyday meals. As it is claimed, â€Å"the destiny of nations depends on the manner in which they are fed†. So, the popularity of slow food is increasing among nation because fast-food meals make people sick and, consequently, national character is changing as well. Eating shouldn’t be simply fueling up; moreover, it shouldn’t be done quickly and anonymously. People should refuse from French fries, fried beef and, certainly, Coke as all these products are health killers. Our food decisions influence us personally and even globally. Fast-food affects the country not only environmentally, but also politically and culturally. Eating health food shouldn’t be only elitist preoccupation; the government should pay more attention to make health food affordable for all people. (Walker 2006) It is interesting to note that even Presidents don’t pay attention to the food they are eating. The picture of Dixon when he pours ketchup on his cottage cheese is terrifying. In his turn, Bill Clinton instead of paying attention to doctor’s advises, neglects them and eats Big Macs. Our Presidents should be our example and they should be the first to promote health slow food. Maybe, we still lack awareness of the inevitable consequences of eating fast foods. (Trillin 2006) Meanwhile, there are people who suffer from hunger, while we are talking about fast food and slow food. They don’t have such choice as they can’t afford to but food, though they are provided with right to eat and to live. Brazil government feels responsibilities for these people and they have declared the health food course.America should do the same to improve the overall health situation in the country. (Lappe 2006) References Lappe, France Moore. (2006, August 24). A Right to Food? Retrieved October 29, 2007, from http://www. thenation. com/doc/20060911/fmlappe Trillin, Calvin. (2006, August 24). Presidential Eating Preferences. Retrieved October 29, 2007, from http://www. thenation. com/docprem. mhtml? i=20060911s=trillin Walker, Alice. (2006, August 24). Slow Food Nation. Retrieved October 29, 2007, from http://www. thenation. com/doc/20060911/waters

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