Saturday, August 10, 2019

Tracking Progess in Healthy People 2020 Across the Country Essay

Tracking Progess in Healthy People 2020 Across the Country - Essay Example In this discussion, an evaluation of how Iowa has adopted these objectives and the challenges being faced in their workability will be considered. Although the objectives enshrined in the Healthy People 2020 are articulate and wider in scope, it is notable that they are not fully embraced by the states within the United States of America. Iowa is one of the states that has not fully adopted these objectives despite the fact that the essence of the objectives is an all round support of the health of the citizens. Although Iowa has incorporated a number of objectives in its health promotion strategies, the espousal has been tailored to suit the Iowa community’s health needs in as far as the individual differences in the population are concerned. As such, most of the objectives have not been fully adopted the way they are in this state. Going by the Iowa Health Improvement Plan 2012-2006, the objectives of Healthy People 2020 could not be practical enough given the high levels of disparity among the people in Iowa. One of the main challenges in meeting these targets is the scarcity of resources. (Sharma & Romas, 2011). A good number of Iowans are low income earners and this incapacitates the economy that is supposed to meet the financial demands implicated in these health objectives. (Shi & Stevens, 2010). For instance, one of the most anticipated health problems in Iowa is diabetes. However, coming up with measures that are supposed to address this problem in time is such a big challenge given the scarcity of resources. (Shi & Stevens, 2010). Given this, only a partial and tailored adoption of these objectives is possible. In conclusion, the health promotion ideas enshrined in Health People 2020 can prove to be quite effective if well adopted. However, as seen through Iowa State, there is a deviation in the manner in which these objectives are being worked on. A number of challenges are imminent, with the shortage of

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