Monday, August 26, 2019

Digital tools and architectural visualization Term Paper

Digital tools and architectural visualization - Term Paper Example The report has found out that technology has changed the way designing used to be done. There is a whole lot of digital tools and computer software’s in use currently that have eased the work of an architect. Architects are using animation technologies and software’s that are projecting building in an almost real manner. The report analyses in detail the use of technology in the profession and its significance in future world of architecture. Table of Contents 1.0 INTRODUCTION 4 2.0 LITERATURE REVIEW 5 3.0 ANALYSIS OF DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY IN ARCHITECTURE 10 4.0 Digital Visualization Technical Overview 13 Benefits of the transition to digital Architectural Visualization 15 5.0 CONCLUSION 16 Revit 16 ArchiCAD 16 SketchUp 17 Rhinoceros 3D 17 AutoCAD 17 Works cited 19 1.0 INTRODUCTION Architecture is probably ranked among the world’s oldest professions of all time, it is an art in itself and only people with unrivalled creative genius were associated with the professio n. Many buildings and monuments have been built through this science right from the medieval times. Architectural design is among the professions in the world that have direct effect on us, we probably would not be seeing the kind of buildings that pride our skylines today were not for this profession. A while back architects performed their trade through sheer creativity and drawing. It called for individuals who are highly creative, good in drawing and men who were good in mathematics. We can say, it called for artists who are above the basic level, to come up with sketches and designs, it required for calculation and good drawing capability since architects did not have the advantage of technology assisted designs during their time. This is a profession that requires at most care in order not to make mistakes that will be threatening to the whole process of construction. Technology has come up with tools to help in the development of architectural designs which are more accurate and deliberate on quality to cut down on costly mistakes. All said and talked about, architecture has not gained the necessary audience and not many people care to understand the ropes. Therefore despite the improvement in technology some segments of architects have refused to move with technological tide deciding instead to maintain the traditional way of doing things. The researcher hence found it necessary to bring to light all the gains made in the architectural world primarily focusing on technology and tools available to architects to make their work stand out while improving on quality. It should be understood that the current complex designs seen in the first world countries would not have happened without complex digital technology to birth a design. Currently it is possible to build structures that seem to defy gravity and structures which respond positively to environment thanks to improved technology on architecture. Without architects great structures cannot be created, hence the researcher found motivation with the kind of progress that has taken place and needs to be known. In this report the researcher meant for it to address the following points while making them the main objectives points-: Types Digital tools used in architecture focusing also on available software’s What is visualization and how it has helped in designing The impact of technology on arc

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