Sunday, August 11, 2019

Read the powerpoint, then answer the question Assignment

Read the powerpoint, then answer the question - Assignment Example Due to this perception, negotiators do not prepare hard to gain a larger reward or benefit. 8. Various problems can occur while determining the target, including cultural problems which may result as a negotiators failure to identify the background of the target negotiators, failure of the negotiator to respect the other party’s interest and recognizing their BATNA (Thompson 17). 9. Target point is the actual party with which negotiations are taking place and reservation point is the reserved party who negotiators might approach as a result of negotiations with the target point. Both points should not be confused as target point has better benefits to offer. 10. Different issues in a negotiation should be treated separately as managing single issue is much easier than managing the whole. Secondly, there may be issues on which the negotiator might have to compromise and in certain issues; the negotiator might be able to win completely. 11. It is essential to perform a self, situation and counterparty assessment in order to identify one’s own and counter party’s strengths and weaknesses as well as the environment in which negotiations are taking place. These strengths and weaknesses will help a negotiator take advantage of the counterparty and change their techniques with the environment. Several questions pertaining to the situation need to be asked including, the importance, form, time as well as cost and benefits of the negotiation. 12. Pressure of limited time may not allow the negotiator to be well prepared and plan properly before negotiations. Time related costs at times may be too high for both the negotiation parties. Due to this one party may be in a hurry and other party can take advantage. 13. Bargaining zone is the situation or the bargaining area where both the buyer’s and seller’s range overlap each other. Positive bargaining zone can result in a win-win situation for both, while negative bargaining zone can result

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