Thursday, April 25, 2019

Super Bowl Commercial 2014 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Super Bowl Commercial 2014 - Essay recitationIn less than ten seconds, each scene tells a story of a thousand words. at that place is no mention of the brand name or image of the Microsoft logo throughout the commercial until the precise end of the commercial.I believe the commercial brings out the personality of Microsoft. Microsoft strives to invent and develop amazing figurer software that caters for not only ordinary people, but people with specific or special needs also. Technology has made life simpler and better. Technology has made peoples dreams a reality and Microsoft is at the forefront of such initiatives.The Super bowl 2014 Apple Inc commercial a competitor of Microsoft known for its IOS operational systems and OS X computer software did not have such a creative wellhead thought through commercial (OGrady, 2014). The Apple Inc commercial concentrated on their product iPhone and not a broader perspective of what they are all about. The Microsoft commercial was far m ore superior in terms of whole step and was able to market Microsoft as a brand that cares and not a brand that wants to sell only. My favorite(a) spot in the Microsoft commercial was a scene showing a small girl spring up and down and screaming from seeing her father probably through Skype. It brings out the aspect of how engine room builds relationships. The Super bowl Microsoft Commercial 2014 was

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