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order - Essay ExampleIt is the hope of this author that by analyzing composer/performer as well as the share in question the reader will gain new appreciation work the performer/composer as well as his overall contribution to the field of euphony. Born December 16, 1770 Ludwig van van van van Beethoven came from something of a tuneful family. Beethovens grandfather Lodewijk van Beethoven was a lifetime musician and was yet employed as the court musician in Cologne for a period of time. Likewise Beethovens father, Johan worked as a tenor and frequently gave both violin and adolescence as a centre of substituting his meager income. As a result of this musical family, it was Johan who gave young Ludwig is very prototypal music lessons. Unfortunately, Johan was a difficult task master oftentimes forcing the young Beethoven to practice for hours on end. This was non done due to the feature his father was necessarily cruel but rather due to the fact that Johan Beethoven had seen t he amazing success that Leopold Mozart had with his son Wolfgang. Hoping to exploit his own son as something of a pip-squeak prodigy, Beethoven set out on a series of performances at the tender age of seven. star can argue that one of the most formative experiences that Ludwig van Beethoven had was with regards to his times and studying chthonic the tutelage of Joseph Haydn. While in Bonn, Switzerland, Beethoven met Haydn. One of the most fascinating aspects of Beethovens musical career was that he did not intend initially on focusing all of his efforts on composition. Rather, he set out master musical theory, the performance of several different instruments, and musical counterpoint. Accordingly, the reader tardily see why he was both an accomplished composer as well as a brilliance musician (Melia 294). This background as both a performer and composer doubtless helped Beethoven to commingle with an disposition of what he was ultimately requesting the musicians do with them all of his compositions. As a means of not only instinct the mechanics and theory of the music but also the mechanics playing these instruments, Beethoven was able to integrate on a more personal direct with his symphony orchestra as well as the single musicians who were responsible for relating his concepts and ideas into the mood of the music Once Ludwig began composing and publishing his compositions, Beethoven experienced an astounding level of initial success. This success lasted well up until the year 1809. At this point, Beethoven was suffering from the effects of sense of hearing loss. Due to the fact that a keen sense of hearing was required in order for some(prenominal) composer to incorporate the many different instruments that a Symphony relies upon, his ability to continue to earn money done the composition process was severely reduced (Knapp 291). As with many young prodigies, the latter half of Beethovens life was not nearly as bright or promising as the first h alf. Ultimately, Beethoven became reliant upon the generosity and sponsorship of a range of individuals inwardly various positions of wealth and power within Europe. Although this approach allowed Beethoven to meet his physical needs, the level and extent to which the support be counted upon was highly uncertain. Eventually, Beethoven came to rely on selling the

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