Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Spiritual Formation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Spiritual Formation - Essay ExampleSpiritual formation can be separated, therefore, into different definitions according to champions beliefs and experiences.The apparitional liveliness in the biblical sense is one that should affect ones daily life and his relationships not only with immortal but too with his neighbors. The one objective that sums up Jesus teachings while on earth was love. This was further reinforced by his disciples in the writings of the New Testament faith, hope, and love and the greatest of these is love. It is difficult to separate the spiritual life from everyday life. As in our love of God and love of neighbor, the value of our rituals and devotional life is judged by how we behave in our daily life and work (Westerhoff 3).The desire to understand one self and his earth can lead to spiritual formation. There is an intrinsic desire in man to seek God or that higher being that will explain his purpose here on earth. Some persons cast this desire by aspi ring for material things. A successful career, a happy family, good health and financial stability do not necessarily bring inner peace and contentment that comes with spiritual formation or being spiritually tuned with God.Since the early church spiritual formation has taken on new dimensions and emphasis. In the early church there was that special bond with the believers who live in a community and share the experiences and difficulties that came with the establishment of a new way of living. Jesus began a -learn as -they -go method acting with the disciples. He didnt ask much from them only to follow Him. Some were fishermen, one was a revenue collector but their new quest of spiritual formation overshadowed their faults and shortcomings. In His humanness Jesus genuine the fact that they came with their own baggage, backgrounds and personalities. These disciples were not formed instantly. Even when Jesus walked among them they exhibited different emotions and weaknesses. At ti mes they were fearful, angry,

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