Friday, April 19, 2019

Diet and coronary heart disease Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Diet and coronary thrombosis heart disease - bear witness ExampleHigh calorie intake and related to it obesity is the major peril factor obese people have hisgher risk of coronary heart disease. Consequently, the quote of total fat (and especially everlasting(a) and trans- fatso acids) should be restricted as well as the consumption of refined sugars and other sources of carbohydrates. The increased criterion of food fiber in the diet is good alternative to unhealthy eating ( ).The lowest risk of coronargony heart disease is determined for vegetarians. The have risk of cardiovascular death (e.g. related to heart disease) which is land in 1.33 folds than amongst non-vegetarians.A good choice for preventive purposes is Mediterranean diet which is characterising with amply intake of fruits and evegetables, chromatic oil, sea food and a moderate amount of red dry wine. Seafood and the source of essential -3 fatty acids and trace elements is useful for control of the level of ch olesterol.There were proposed special preventive diets decreasing the risk of coronary disease. Thus Pritikin diet is enriched with food -fiber, unprocessed carbohydrates and contains low amount of fat ( ). Ornish diet restricts the consumption of creature fat (e.g. fatty fish or meat). that non-fat dairy products and egg whites are allowed in the dietic system. besides Ornish diet restricts simple sugars and give the preferences for complex carbohydrates food. Traditional British diet is healthy enough because of high intake of complex carbohydrates nevetheless the restriction of animal food consumption and replacing these products with vegetables and fruits are expedient. The usage of alcoholic drink beverages should be restriected in the persons with high risk of coronary disease (e.g. with high level of blood choleterol). Only small amount of red wine is permitted.Some food products contains essential nutrients and biologically active substances which are necessary for the p revention of coronary heart disease. Thus pine

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