Saturday, February 16, 2019

The Brown Wasps Essay -- essays research papers

The brown WaspsIn Loren Eiseleys Essay The Brown Wasps, Eiseley shows that humans and animals act in similar ways. He says that humans and animals attend to the things they know very strongly. fewtimes they even act as if nought even changed. Humans and animals tend to want to return to things that they are old(prenominal) to as they grow older. Loren Eiseley shows how humans and animals try to cling or delight an important or favorite place. This essay is about memory, home, places in time. Loren Eiseley does a great job describing the place that he is talking about to situate the reader visualize and make them feel bid they are there. Some examples are the old men, the brown wasps, the mice, the pigeons, the blind man, and even himself. He recalls his childishness in Nebraska and how the train come outs used to be and how the pigeons would zap around waiting for people boarding the trains to feed them. Loren Eiseley once position a tree with his father, when he was a bo y and he acts like it has been there the whole time. Years later he returned to the house where they had lay the tree and realized that the tree he had been imaging all his career was gone.In the beginning Eiseley describes the appearance of the train station and tells of the men that relief on the benches. The lonely old men come into the train station for shelter and to get some rest. Whether they sleep for an hour or besides take up space on the benches, t...

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