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Research Essay- Living Life to the Fullest Essay

For one to live their animateness to the fullest, a psyche must(prenominal) have a purpose to live. One must have a reason to wake up all(prenominal) day and feel the insolate shine or the rain fall, as cold as ice, on your skin. A law of life is necessary for one to have this mind of a calling as to why they walk the earth every solitary twenty-four hour day. A law of life is to evade your self with pot who make you a split person, inside and out. This holds accurate because the tidy sum your surround yourself with slew every make you or break you, existence social with separates can either aid or inhibit in self-conceit, and surrounding yourself with better people can help you achieve goals done others positivity.Initially, there is a quote saying, Surround yourself with only people that volition lift you higher, because mavens are the family you choose yourself. Anonymous The people who you are ring by can either make you a better person as a whole, or break you down until you are as low to the ground as a tiny bug, small and slow squashed. If you surround yourself with the people who leave behind make you a better person, consequently you testament stimulate a better person just by association with positive, balanced people.On the contrary, if you surround yourself with people who are untoward and irrational, then you will become adverse and irrational, also just by association. For example, Lets say you have plans to see a friend who is lighthearted, enthusiastic and embraces life with eagerness and zest. Thinking about this friend demands a smile to your face because you know youll be having fun and enjoying each others company. After your time to shoother, youre excited about the remain of your day. You want to capture every moment and see all the apricot thats about you. Your friend may not have on purpose tried to alter your thinking, but her positive approach and attitude was infectious (Par.2-The Importance of environ Y ourself w/ Good People).The people who you let be in your company ultimately affect you as a person, and this can either make you a better person or a worse person. Another example of this would be if youre in a group of people with a less than stellar attitude, eventually, you will become a less than stellar person. In order to become a better person, inside and out, then you must surround yourself with those people who make the qualities to makeyou a better person.Clearly, being a social exclusive aids in your self-esteem, it can either make your self-esteem roquette or it can make it plummet. Self-esteem is no doubt a massive constituent of you becoming the person that you wish to be. For instance, when you are oration to your social group of friends, and they have a positive self-image, then you in like manner should have a somewhat positive self-image. Another example of this would be inferiority. People who feel inferior to others perpetually keep comparing themselves t o them and they always give to find problems with themselves. So how can such friends affect your self-esteem?Simply because they got used to scanning for any possible flaws they will try to find as many flaws in you as they can (Par. 6- How Friends motivate Your Self-Esteem). Your friends can also limit your potential as to what you can and cannot achieve. parapraxis in point, If you were an ambitious person who was surrounded by non-ambitious friends then to the highest degree likely they will try to put you down whenever you attempt to do something that they never managed to do (Par. 7 How Friends Affect Your Self-Esteem). Self-esteem has the ability to embolden or hinder your self-esteem, and self-esteem in a colossal part of the way you, and your peers see yourself. Your vision of yourself can either make you better or acidulent, and through a law of life, your self-esteem should make yourself better.Subsequently, aspect yourself in a race on the track outside of your sc hool. The deadly heat is beating down on your back as youre running through the last lap of the race and youre in the lead. You have your group of great friends on the sidelines cheering your name as you pass the finish line Surrounding yourself with virtuous people will help you achieve your goals through their positivity. When you surround yourself with those people who cheer you on instead of bring you down, those people will help you deform your goals, not break you down to the point where you dont want to turn them. There are two types of people, optimists and pessimists, these types of people are on reverse sides of the spectrum.For example, Its just that the optimist chooses to expect happiness, success, and pleasure and as a result, thats what they find. The pessimist chooses to replay negative thoughts which lead to negative results. (Par. 5- The Importance Of Surrounding Yourself w/ Positive People). Adjoining yourself with optimistic people will help you contact the success, not make you feel that you cant, thats what a pessimist would do. For instance, if youre around people with an attitude of being too good to reach a goal, you will not reach the goal, but if youre around people who will be your personal cheerleaders, than youll most likely get the desired result. Surrounding yourself with the people who are virtuous and optimistic, then they will aid you in reaching your goals, long or short-term.Conclusively, to live a life worth living, you must have a law of life to follow. In this case, a law of life is to surround yourself with the people who bring out the topper in you, and these people will make you the best you, you can be. To surround yourself with the kinds of people that will make you better, not bitter these people must possess the qualities of the people your surround yourself with can either make you or break you, being social with others can either aid or inhibit in self-esteem, and surrounding yourself with better people ca n help you achieve goals through others positivity.Works Cited1. Radwan, M. Farouk. How friends affect your self esteem 2KnowMySelf. 2KnowMySelf The Ultimate Source for Understanding Yourself and others. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Mar. 2013. . 2. Silber, Debi. The Importance of Surrounding Yourself w/ Positive People. All About Nurses, Nurse Communication, Nurse familiarity NurseTogether. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Mar. 2013. .

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