Friday, October 18, 2019

Observational films - Corporation Documentary Research Paper

Observational films - Corporation Documentary - Research Paper Example Furthermore, in order to assess the personality of the corporation, there is a checklist employed which uses diagnostic criteria and standard tools of psychologists. These standards are applied to ensure that the organizational principles are human. But the organizational principles that are applied are highly self-interested, amoral, deceitful, and they breach the legal and social standards just to get the profits. The organization does not even suffer with guilt. â€Å"The Corporation† starts with a fast juxtaposition of familiar company logos and specific images, which supports the narration. And narration is giving you facts about the content. I realized that after the first couple of sentences my focus was so much on the visuals that the second time I watched it, I noticed I had missed some key information from the narrative. I understand that the filmmakers wanted to have gripping beginning and wanted to hit you with the important, interesting facts however I rather have something (visuals) that would allow me to think about the narration more. Also I would like the narration to be a bit slower. The bad apple metaphor is a good way to begin. It is a good example and preparation of what the documentary will sum up. It’s true that a big portion of the documentary is using archive footage to support the audio. Even though I found the selection of archival footage very specific and extraordinary, sometimes it gets a bit too literal. First time we see a face in the movie, it ends up with a good twist. The man (Ira Jackson) who is looking right at the camera (audience) finishes with a joke. This part gives you a brief break from all the â€Å"serious† stuff and hints out that this â€Å"boring† documentary about corporations will not be as tedious and boring as it seems to be. Besides having the subject looking right at

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