Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Globalisation and Its Effects on Organisations Essay

Globalisation and Its Effects on Organisations - Essay Example The researcher states that globalisation has created the best opportunities for all companies worldwide by increasing the level of employment and profitability of companies drastically over few years. Companies are able to utilise labour, capital and resources to the best of their ability. They also effectively changed their ways of operation than that in the past. Organisations not only introduced office automation but at the same time, incorporated various improvements in techniques of management. They started to stress more on the division of work and labour. As a result, greater emphasis was put on centralization, decentralisation, control, coordination, culture and communication. With the essence of globalisation, there was development in the structure of organizations. Centralisation became the choice for most companies as this helped them to coordinate and control easily, reduce all sorts of duplication, perform consistently, incorporate necessary changes in the system effortl essly and accordingly fulfil goals and targets. There were various other opportunities that globalisation has brought along in the form of labour available at the cheapest possible price. The developed countries extensively took advantage of cheap labour available in the developing countries for manufacturing their products at lowest possible prices and then sell them at high margins.   Countries like U.S.A. also began with the revolution of outsourcing. Outsourcing enabled them to reduce the level of unemployment in various countries as well as receive the services at least possible cost.

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