Saturday, October 5, 2019

Media kit for small business. Galaxica Media Essay

Media kit for small business. Galaxica Media - Essay Example The role of media in the sustainability of business assumes importance as media largely act as a tool for communication and have a significant role in positioning the firm in the business market. This is completely in tune with the Morgan’s metaphors which states that the business leadership should have abilities to analyze activities and devise alternative strategies. The study would contain the media kit for the firm with regards to its maintenance of sustainability while including elements like company policies as well as financial and human resource strategies of the organization. Company Fact Sheet Company Name Galaxica Media Location & when it was founded Galaxica media was established in November 2010 in London, UK. The company is presently headquartered in London UK. Mission Statement The mission statement of Galaxica media is stated below: The company aspires to be a customized service provider that provides multimedia solutions to businesses. The company aims to provide clear and simple multimedia programs designed to meet the individual needs of retail as well as corporate clients. The company would also provide multimedia solutions at an attractive price and provide continuous customer support to ensure complete satisfaction of the customer. Products Offered Galaxica media is mainly engaged in the entertainment business industry with its main product portfolio being in the area of animations and multimedia. The company’s product offering includes customized support for web design and multimedia effects for the entertainment industry. The company also provides web design support to different organizations. The company also provides 3D visual interfaces to customers engaged in the business of providing fun and entertainment. The web design team helps different organizations to design their websites according to their individual needs. This includes use of high end graphics that are designed keeping in mind the individual needs of the customers. Customers Targeted Galaxica media targets corporate clients which includes participants of the media industry. The company’s customized products are largely being used by media houses for their entertainment programs. The main clientele of the company forms the media a nd advertisement industry players who normally outsource some of their content creation and design to other players that have expertise in the area of graphics and multimedia. The clients of the firm also include business houses that generally outsource their web design aspect to include better graphics and looks. The company also targets different public sector organizations for design and development of their websites. Corporate Social and Ethical Responsibilities of the Company Corporate social responsibilities at Galaxica media would include strategies that tend to

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