Saturday, September 28, 2019

The Wonders Of Golf Good And Bad Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Wonders Of Golf Good And Bad - Essay Example Golf is gaining in popularity a lot these days. With players like Tiger Woods and Tom Watson in the professional league earning millions of dollars and making golf gain immense recognition, the game has attracted many new comers from through out the world. Golf also has a lot of other advantages over other sports: Another plus point about this game for newcomers is that they do need partners to play with them. It can be played by a single individual. And unlike other sports such as football and tennis, there is also no upper limit on the number of players that can play at a time. For those people who need exercise but are limited by physical potential to play sports like tennis and squash can play golf. These people usually include middle aged and older men and women. Playing golf does not only provide for them good entertainment for passing time, it also provides to them physical exercise in the natural, outside as they have to walk at least a couple of miles all in the name of fun. Even though golf is gaining popularity through out the world, there still remain people who do not like the idea of a sport that does not demand much from its players physically. There still remains a crowd that believes that this game is more suited for older people than young athletes. The same points that go in favor of the game can be manipulated to go against it too. Young athletes who are attracted to this game must take into consideration that more aggressive games like tennis, squash, basketball etc. are more likely to keep them fit both physically and mentally. Another very important concern related to golf is its environmental impact. The construction and maintenance of the golf courses is very costly and uses up thousands of gallons of water and in today's world where there is scarcity of a resource like water, it is quite shocking. Conclusion There are many wonderful things about golf. It's nice being outdoors playing a relatively peaceful game in the open, under the sky, with the trees and beautiful scenery around. But it is clear that when it comes to physical exertion and fitness, the game does not have much to offer compared to the other games. Ultimately then, it depends on the player who has to make the choice between the different sports available to him and whether he chooses golf as a sport for himself or not, depends on his preferences. Works Cited 1) Adler, Ben. "The case against golf." 14 june 2007. 26 may 2008 . 2) NYTimes. "Golf is growing in favor." 4 october 1891. 26 may 2008 . 3) Jean Wyrics. Steps to Writing Well. 6th Edition, isbn#1-4130-0109-2.

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