Sunday, September 8, 2019

Continuity Editing and Montage Editing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Continuity Editing and Montage Editing - Essay Example Filming sports events such as golf are a good example of continuity editing. In the second kind of editing called Montage Editing, the film editor tries to tie in random events in a sequence that suggest they have all been filmed at one time, or indeed very close to one another- but this is not necessarily so. It is the editing style that suggests the continuity of events. Coming to the film Psycho (1960) and the clip The Shower, we see that the film editor has used a continuity shot till the woman closes the door and steps into the bathtub- in the middle is a cut as she disrobes, naturally. Then there is a montage of sorts as she steps in the tub, starts the overhead shower and tests with her hand before proceeding to lather herself with soap. A break and we realize that even as she has busied herself in this fashion, the murderer is about to strike and does. As the victim falls, the camera is keenly focused on her, while it breaks away and shows that she is bringing down part of th e shower curtain with her as she slumps to the floor. We then see her blood flowing into the outlet at the bottom. Then later her eye is in focus as the film backs out into a wider angle showing her face as she lies fallen. In contrast the clip She Wouldn’t Even Harm a Fly, a major part of the footage concentrating on Norman wrapped in a blanket is shot in continuity even as the camera moves in and out for focus as it shows him obviously trying to garner some sympathy by not even swatting flies that alight on his arm- the only break is towards the end when the car is pulled out of the water. Music and sound mixed with narrative dialogue also play a major part in film making- they can help create atmospheres of suspense, horror, comedy and the like. The three major types of sound in film can be classified as Dialogue, Music and Sound Effects.

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