Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Denver International airport Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Denver International airport - Research Paper Example However, there are some conspiracies surrounding the airport. It is claimed that Denver International was built by the Illuminati as the control center for the global extermination that will initiate the New World Order (Anomalies-unlimited, n.d.). These conspiracies also claim that DIA has fewer runways compared to the old Stapleton International Airport, and despite widespread protests, it was built and opened in 1995, thus reducing Denvers capacity. It is said to have up to 8 levels of underground facilities, and workers there refuse to give details about their work and what they do. They claim that electromagnetic pulse, resulting from the experiments conducted in these basements lead to the shattering of fourteen commercial aircrafts in 2007. The airport is fenced by barbed wire, with an inward angle, to keep people in, unlike other airports. The runways are placed in the shape of a swastika from a bird’s eye view (Anomalies-unlimited, n.d.). Indoors, the airport gets stranger with the Illuminati appearing to have displayed their plans for worldwide extermination and a New World Order in two large paintings and the Mayan symbol for 2012 presiding over all. On the floor close to the paintings "Au Ag" is written, which is said to be the abbreviation for a deadly toxin Australia Antigen, and markedly the Illuminatis weapon of choice to achieve the extermination. Furthermore, strange words in an unknown language are inscribed on the floors. And finally, the Queen of England, another supposed Illuminatus, has been covertly and secretly buying up the property near the airport (Anomalies-unlimited, n.d.). If we do a little research, then all these conspiracies can be explained logically and proven wrong. The old Stapleton Airport was in the middle of the city. It was 65 years old and was a constant nuisance due to noise. It had only three runways, 10,000 foot each, whereas Denver International has

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