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Clan of the Cave Bear Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Clan of the Cave Bear - Term Paper Example The woman’s name is Iza and she requests the clans leader,’Brun’ since the girl belonged to a distrusted antagonists of the clan and as such they had been nicknamed, â€Å"the others†. With the help of her brother who happens to be the â€Å"Mog-ur† of the group in spite of him being disabled. It happens that immediately the group adopts Ayla they are lucky and find another cave. Therefore she is adored and is seen as a good omen to the clan. In fact better thing come their way from that time. She is even given the role of becoming the next Mog-ur of the new cave. However, the young man who is expected to that over the clans leadership is angered by the way she is being envied by most people plans to avenge (Auel 1-211). Paleoenvironment Flora refers to the plants while fauna refers to the wildlife and they are distinct from place to place. In the case of this book the environment hosts a lot of animals and plant. In fact, it is evident from the boo k that the caves are in a forest. This has made the lives of the Neandertal to be easily since they are hunters and gathers as well as farmers. The farming aspect can be seen though the readily available green vegetables and plants like cinnamon. More so they have horses which are tamed (Auel 14).The fact also that there is a Mug-ur and a sister medicine woman revels the presence of many indigenous trees (Auel 94). Another example is revealed when Durc is heard telling Vorn how his hunt had favored him and he caught a deer that was being cooked by his mate (Auel 19). Further there are many fruits and this is revealed by Ura when he says, that cinnamon tastes good with apples. Moreover, the presence of foods like bread and cakes demonstrates that wheat was being cultivated (Auel 208). In addition, there are many birds in this setting as defined in this text of songbirds and squirrels fly (Auel 18). Lastly the book demonstrates that there are a lot of greens most of which was used by the clan as food (Auel 100). Neandertals v. Moderns There are very many anatomical, behavioral, and mental differences between the Neandertals and the current world people. For example their mode of survival in the Neandertals is totally different they have demonstrated to be almost supernatural if they can live in cave under ice and harsh cold conditions (Auel 19). Moreover, their eating habits are not what a modern day person would prefer. They survived on mainly wild meat and fruits and even used herbs as their only medication. Consequently, these people have been portrayed as being illiterate a thing that is almost inexistent in the modern would. However they have proved that literacy I not wisdom because they have demonstrated that even with the lack of basic education they were able to survive under hardships and they even had leaders and a medicine woman (Auel 23). Lastly but not the least their adaptation to harsh cold weather is seen as having a big start at an early age. T his is seen through the many children that the Neandertals bore and raised. The Neandertals also have a difference with the modern people through their neighborliness and harmonious way of living. They mind and watched each other closely and yet they were able to maintain respect for each other.

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