Thursday, May 16, 2019

Why may the Romans be considered great city builders Essay

Why may the Romans be considered great urban center builders - Essay ExampleThe capital city of Rome was especially famous for its detailed planning and organization. It is ambitious to perceive how city planners of Rome could have pulled off such a grand and sweeping visualise without the aid of modern architectural aids. Yet, it is a fact that the monuments, government buildings, public recreation houses and other structures and provision within the city were quite advanced for the time. And some of the technology used by Romans continues to find industriousness in modern cities today. With no greater aid than stones, bricks, wood and mortar, the Romans constructed great works of architectural value. The connect over Danube and Rhine are prime examples of Roman architecture. These two rivers, which set the northern limits of the empire, proved to be a hurdle for the northward expansion of the empire. To overcome this problem Julius Caesar brought together the best architectur al minds at his brass to build these politically and militarily important bridges. The Colosseum is another landmark in the historic city of Rome. level off after several centuries of its construction, the structure has largely remained intact, offering visitors a theatrical experience. Built by emperor Titus, the Colosseum was meant to host gladiator fights and animal fights. So during its functioning days, it was witness to some of the most gory battles for life.

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