Thursday, May 2, 2019

Managing Organizations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Managing Organizations - rise ExampleModern hoi polloi differ much from the people of the previous century in name of their goals, methods of their reaching, communication, ambitions, etc. Managing people now is not an easy task thus it needs new approaches. Thus, managers of the ultra unexampled companies atomic number 18 looking for the new ways of employee motivation. Freedom for action is an essential factor to consider. Actually, when we hear most the organization, where employees make decisions themselves, we usually cant believe that, because a great number of prosperous companies are hierarchical bureaucracies (Microsoft, Apple etc.). It seems impossible also for many managers to provide staff with opportunities to set the goals for the participation kinda of them and to realize these goals without being controlled and thoroughly supervised. Also we all know the conclusion made by guck Weber bureaucratic organizations are the most successful players on the stage of the market economy. However, modern experts tolerate that Webers conclusion cant be considered fully grounded as the famous sociologist may not know some important facts on bureaucracies. Modern investigations show that workplace stress prevents people from high performance. Working in the conditions of hierarchical bureaucracy, people are able to realize only 60% of their potential. Thus, it is essential to look for alternatives. Moreover, as it was mentioned above, modern people often refuse to work in the cash dispenser of dictate, when they should only fulfill somebodys orders and do not have an opportunity to express their have opinion. Such working conditions prevent people from the fruition of their creative potential and it is obvious that such realization would contri stille to companys success. New ways of managing people should be found by modern supervisors. Recent studies held showed that there are some companies who successfully practice emancipation of employees action. Their success is built on the principles of liberating leading listed below. Liberating leader is a one who listens to employees propositions instead of imposing his own views openly shares his views on successful organizational performance in order not to make employees confused does not motivate employees to add them an opportunity to motivate themselves plays the role of culture-keeper. Actually, the behavior of workers in the organization is determined by the number of factors, remote and internal. These factors contribute to organization performance in freedom action conditions. Among the internal factors is first of all self-reliance in leadership. Leadership plays an essential role in any type of organization, no matter if it is freedom company or hierarchical bureaucracy. Workers of any organization usually tend to mirror the work of leadership and the supervision should be implemented in the way so that employees may feel its support but not a dictate. The seco nd important internal factor is organizational culture. The atmosphere in the company should be friendly and positive, work schedule should be flexible. The external factors also mean much, for example, it is interesting to foster and communicate with another companies in the market. Research findings show that collaboration with other firms and with customers can be a significant source of product

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