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Politics and government Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Politics and government - Article Examplens representation in a third world country (Kenya) it will look at the pros and cons of quota carcass and then gift it in the context of the selected country.The quota schema is aimed at increasing the number of women who are involved in prompt politics to a significant minimum say 30 or 40 per cent. This system does non apply to only elective positions but also appointive positions such as members of committees and boards. The use of this system in political representation therefore constitutes any fields in politics (Kiplagat, 2008, p.52-78).The quota system does not discriminate but help women overcome the barrier that prevent them from engaging in active politics. Women accession into politics is faced with several challenges such as the perception that the society has towards them, their lack of aggressiveness that is take in politics among otherwise barriers. The introduction of quota system, which sets aside a certain percentag e of political positions for women, eliminates all the barriers that women face in competing with men therefore, providing women with an opportunity to compete among themselves equally. In Kenya, the positions of women representative from all the 47 counties get along their legitimacy from the constitution these positions are only open to women candidates (AfriMAP, OSIEA & OSMP, nd, 3). In addition, the constitution also provides for nomination of women and other marginalised groups into the national and the county assemblies (Mutunga & Mazrui, 2004, p. 308-417).The right to equal representation of women in politics is no different from that of men and the quota system helps in achieving that equal representation. Most of the representatives in the political arena are usually men therefore, some of the issues that they discuss are likely to favour men, which deny women the chance to air their opinions in legislation. The quota system has increase the number of women in political s eats and consequently increased their bargaining

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