Thursday, May 30, 2019

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Doppler RadarThe Social realm of Doppler radar relates to many different things we do in everyday life, anytime you are freeing kayoeddoors anywhere in the world you can find out what it is going to be like before you even step outside. This is made practicable with the use of Doppler Radar. In this section I am going to discuss the social realm of Doppler radar in the local, regional, national and global areas. First we moldiness know what is Doppler radar? Doppler radar is a device that measures the Doppler shift in a radar beam reflected from an objects motion towards or a look(predicate) from the radar aerial. (from In our local area we use Doppler radar for many different things in the social realm. We use is for safety when bad weather is costly. Doppler radar has saved many lives since it was first used to track weather in $%$%% $%?... When a tornado is near we take cover and when a flood is near we do all we can to protect what we can in the time we fox. Fortunately we dont live near the coast where hurricanes occur. It also helps us in the social realm in the winter when we have snow and ice, when driving conditions are at there worse. Nobody wants to risk their lives when the roads are icy so we tend to cancel more and more of our social gatherings during the winter, and if you have a television and or radio you can find out most of the cancellations before you head out the door and risk your life on snow and ice covered roads. Anyone and everyone who has a job that requires them to be alfresco is almost always watching the weather. Many different jobs depend on the weather, for instance concrete layers cant pour concrete when it is raining, they also have to look to see when it is going to rain next, because they have to give the concrete time to set. cover workers also look at what the temperature is, the temperature can effect the way that a certain concrete will set, how long it will take and if it is too hot or cold out the concrete will crack. Concrete layers are always watching the weather because much of what they do depends on the weather. Another one of these jobs that requires a constant eye on the weather is farming.

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