Thursday, November 21, 2019

Upper Paleolithic Cave Site of Lascaux Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Upper Paleolithic Cave Site of Lascaux - Essay Example Cattle and bison can be seen, including birds, felines, bear, human beings and rhinos. It is a bit surprising that the cave lacks drawings of reindeers regardless of the fact that it formed part of their main sources of food. Ultimately, geometrical illustrations were also evident in the walls. Illustrative skills of the AMHS The cave entirely shows an out of the ordinary piece of art and skills of the AMHS, who created them. In particular, a painting known as The Crossed Bison, inscribed in the Nave panel is a significant result of skilled Paleolithic cave painters. This piece of art introduces a wonderfully painted bison where its hind legs present a false impression that one bison is nearer to the viewer than the other one (Lascaux, n.d.). This creates a remarkable and illustrative depth that expresses a prehistoric aspect that was distinctively way ahead of the period. This extent of dexterity is also apparent in the Great Hall of the Bulls where some bulls appear moving to a viewer. Functions of the paintings The paintings symbolized many functions where many believe that they represented beauty, hunting techniques or magical power. This is supported by some of the rooms or wall panels being profoundly adorned with paintings than others. This shows that some isolated quotas were used for highly sacred activities than others, such as the Apse (Abside). This is typical of sacred premises.

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