Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Isaac’s Storm, by Erik Larson Research Paper

Isaacs Storm, by Erik Larson - Research Paper Example(Isaacs Storm Erik Larson Book Review.).Symbolizing the storm, Mr. Larson quite all the way suggests his thesis as confluence of human error arrogance and politics were the root causes that made the way for such a catastrophe. The writer, Thurston Hatcher rightly comments about the sustain that it is not a disaster book on the other hand it is a cautionary tale about an era in which great proficient progress created a flawed sense of invincibility. One of the main points that Larson wants to boost through his hold is that technological hubris will always place us in trouble with nature. Thurston Hatcher further comments that human beings are much concerned about the complacency that new tools can bring but at the same meter he fails to give the deserving attention to the disaster that may happen one day. (Hatcher, 2000). In Isaacs Storm Erik Larson tells the story of Galveston, its people and the hurricane that devastated them with the help of an legal blending of science and history. In narrating the whole episode the author keeps the tempo rising in pace with the wind and waves. The personal account presented in this work attributes a realistic touch and promotes the readers credibility. The only fault that one could find is a lack of photographs because on a number of make Larson refers to old black and white photographs that he had seen during his research for this book, but he forgets to share these with his audience. Considering all these factors this is a great work worthy to be

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