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Amantes Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Amantes - Movie Review ExampleTrini is not only beautiful but also possess decent amounts of money to change her to settle down with her fiance. However, she wants her fiance to find a decent job before they both can marry. She recommends her fiance to take an apartment on rake from a widow named Luisa (Victoria Abril)(Amantes)Apparently, Luisa appears to be a harmless, pretty widow who supports herself with the income she earns from the rents. However, Luisa is more than that. She has not only killed her own husband, about which she tells Paco later, but also is involved in s netdles with the underworld mafia. ( Mrquez)She soon seduces Paco by her beauty and sensual manners. Paco, whose fiance has refused to indulge in sexual intercourse before their marriage, desperately and quickly gives into Luisas seductive manners. On the opposite hand, Pacos abortive searches for a job hasten his decision to yield to Luisas offer. And this way, Paco not only starts sharing her house but als o her bed.On the other hand, Trini starts to sense change in the behavior of Paco. Paco doesnt seem to be interested in meeting her anymore and doesnt contact her for many days. For Paco, the world has suddenly changed. From a world that appeared hopeless, gloomy, bleak and dry, suddenly has started offering him with new, exciting and erotic surprises everyday. And Luisas passion, experience, domination during sex adds to the spices of these sexual encounters. Luisa is not only experienced, she is passionate and possessive making Paco know extremely wanted and valuable.Trini who is desperate to win her lover back asks a commanders wife for her advice. She tells her that the only way to bring him back is to offer him what Luisa had offered and what she had refused to-her body. Determined to win Paco back, she visits him at Luisas house and offers herself to him as soon as Luisa leaves her place leaving behind her belongings so that widow does come to know what has happened behind h er back.Paco affect and happy by Trinis offer initially, returns to Trini and together they both visit her mothers house in a nearby village. However, the offer doesnt seem to have lasting do on Pacos heart and soon he starts missing Luisas passion, experience, care and love. Confused and trapped in the love of two women, Paco decides to live a dual love life, satisfying them both sexually and emotionally. However, Luisas own double life complicates things further. She owns money to underworld members who would kill her and her lover in case she refuses or is unable to give birth back their money. They suggest her to exploit Trini and use her savings to pay them back. Luisa informs Paco of the threats and suggests him that he marries Trini, steals her money and then runs absent with her. Though Paco doesnt feels that he loves Trini as much as before, he doesnt still wants to betray and exploit her this way. But still, with much persuasion, Luisa is able to convince Paco to follo w her plan. (Amantes)According to the plan, Paco proposes Trini and they both leave Madrid for a elfin city Aranda del Duero where they are to get married. Luisa, follows them as she doubts Pacos intentions and determination to go with her plan. One night at the hotel, while Trini is asleep, Paco steals her money and give them to Luisa. However, unlike the plan, Paco refuses to run away with

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