Sunday, March 8, 2020

Pope John Paul II - World Youth Day essays

Pope John Paul II - World Youth Day essays There are many people who influence Canadian society and provide positive inspiration for others. In 2002, Pope John Paul made a visit to Canada which made a tremendously influential impact on its society. Every two years, the Vatican selects a host city for World Youth Day celebrations. This summer, World Youth Day 2002 was held in Toronto, Ontario. Through World Youth Day, Pope John Paul II significantly influenced Canadian society, creating a sense of unity, diversity, and spirituality in the community that was not present before. The Popes influence on Canadians was evident in the way he helped to unify its society during World Youth Day. He joined half a million young Catholics from around the world in an overnight vigil in the city's Downsview park and then celebrated a public mass the next morning for an anticipated one million people. Hundreds of World Youth Day participants culminated in what may have been their last chance to see a mass delivered by Pope John Paul II. People of all races, ethnicities, and even religious backgrounds unified as a whole community in order to receive the message of the Pope. He created an opportunity for many to meet people from other cultures and participate in a week of concerts, catechism and other activities to celebrate their faith. Canadians opened their doors to World Youth Day pilgrims, giving visitors a safe place to stay. Also, 260 schools all across the province were set up as temporary hotels for 83,000 pilgrims ( World Youth Day and Papal Visit). The amount of volunteers who helped to make World Youth Day a success was immense. Mr. Fairfield, who had flown in from Edmonton the night before, said the work makes him feel like a part of something important. "You work long hours," he said, "but this is something that represents the future of the Church ( WYD). Canadians came together as a community all because of this one mans visi t. ...

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