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A Writing Assignment For College Students - 982 Words

A writing assignment used to mean an easy five-paragraph essay. It was an essay that students mastered and could complete in an hour. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case and we are now assigned papers with a requirement of at least five pages. Throughout the past week, I have asked several classmates about their assignments, specifically, about their writing process. From there, I noticed that several students did one thing similar†¦they all gave up after just an hour or so. While, I am no stranger to procrastination, I never thought this would be a common part of the writing process for college students. After carefully examining the responses I understood that while â€Å"taking a break†, students thought: new ideas would come to them, they would get more time to research, and maybe the requirements would change. First, my classmates assumed that if they simply stopped for a while then maybe they would get fresh ideas. Unfortunately, that is not the way it will w ork. Once I asked them, â€Å"did you receive ideas after waiting†, most of them said no. Instead, it seemed to be an excuse to find distractions like television or hanging out with friends. They assumed they would find inspiration for their paper by taking a break from it, but that did not work. Another common example I saw was taking a break to make sure the ideas were written correctly. However, while I can understand the rational behind this, I do not believe it is the correct step. Students should be rereadingShow MoreRelatedFox s College English Course1440 Words   |  6 PagesTimes, of the students that attend some form of post-secondary education, â€Å"Less than two-thirds end up graduating† (Porter). Considering these high dropout rates, students are having some form of difficulties with college. These difficulties can range from changing work schedules to prior commitments and priorities. In Ms. Fox’s College English course, this is no different. Ms. Fox’s college English course is difficult because of the time consuming work, the importance of writing assignments, and theRead MoreThe American High School System Handicaps Its Students1192 Words   |  5 Pageshandicaps its students academically. High school lacks the academic tools to properly prepare high school students for the college setting. Students who are accustomed to the high school teaching style will have a hard time adjusting to college educators. High school students most likely will be uncomfortable with a college educators strict rules during a course. Today, school students struggle with basic reading and mathematics. They aren t challenging themselves in reading. High school students dependRead MoreGraduation Speech : College And University Of Your Choosing920 Words   |  4 Pagesbeen accepted into the college or university of your choosing. The last six months, a time well spent perfecting your college entrance essays have paid off. The unexpected b liss of deciding your major, and knowing all of your schooling this far has lead you to this monumental milestone in your life. Although you feel prepared, you have lingering thought; did high school English prepare me for the challenges and expectations college professors expect in writing assignments? Unfortunately, â€Å"aboutRead MoreThe Passion Of Reading And Writing1300 Words   |  6 PagesThe Passion of Reading and Writing in College In the eyes of students, reading and writing seems to be a whole new world as they approach the semester in college. It seems as if students never worked with writing or reading in their years at high school. Should we consider college a new beginning in the lives of students? Is it a whole new world for them? Did high school really prepared students for college? To the eyes of everyone, education is a must to do in the lives of teenagers, but does itRead MoreWriting Skills For College Students1457 Words   |  6 Pagesthe world of education, a plague has struck many students. Instructors everywhere try to contain this epidemic call plagiarism. This struggle of writing has touchdown in many campus across the country. This is the result of students feeling the pressure of writing more than in the past. The problem with writing is not because students don’t know how, but rather feeling the pressure to meet socially place standards without plagiarizing. Many students plagiarize due to the burden of succeeding. TheseRead Moreuna‚Äà ²ÃƒÅ Ãƒ ²ÃƒËœ1561 Words   |  7 Pages Introductions Welcome to EAC 150! This semester we will be working hard on refining your English writing, reading, oral and analytical skills. The EAC150 subject outline is available at This addendum is your guide to the subject requirements and activities in my class. Texts and Materials Kanurkas, Irene and Darrell Nunn. An Anthology of Readings for College English Online. ISBN 017641579-3 A good quality English-language dictionary such as the Oxford CanadianRead MoreCryptography1082 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Ocean County College Professor s Syllabus Professor s Name: Jamie Bradley Course Title and Number: MATH 156 – Introduction to Statistics Semester: Summer 2014 Office Location: TBA E-Mail Address: Office Hours: By appointment Catalog Description: An introductory level course for non-mathematics majors who need or desire a working knowledge of statistics. This course is oriented towards all fields in which statistics finds applicationsRead MoreHi How R U Guys1542 Words   |  7 PagesTEXTS amp; MATERIALS Engkent, Lucia. Skill Set: Strategies for Reading and Writing, 2nd ed., Oxford, 2011 ISBN 978-0-19-544169-7 * All students are required to use the following Research Guide for their assignments: * Seneca Libraries. Guide to Research and Citation: MLA Style. 3rd ed. Toronto: Seneca College, 2010. Print. * A good quality English-language dictionary (The Oxford Dictionary and the Longman’s Dictionary are recommended.) * A folder/portfolio to keep all yourRead MoreMotivation For The College Student974 Words   |  4 Pages handsome princes. They were really her saviors and grounding force. The two princes became her motivation to start over, create a new life, and start rediscovering herself. For the college student, motivation is a personal aspiration with much hard work. The college writing student will focus on increasing writing abilities and becoming a better writer by class end. With a deep-rooted motivation, the learning to write process will continue to be built and perfected over the course of the student’sRead MoreThe Problems Of Attending College1240 Words   |  5 PagesEnglish 101 From any walk of life, attending college can be difficult. In fact, it can be overwhelming. If a student has just graduated or has been out of school for twenty years, going to college can be tough. For older students, homework is done in a whole new way, online. Younger students may be used to this method, but college is so much more demanding than high school. College is more challenging and every student is responsible for themselves. Students are expected to do their work/homework without

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